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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Letters to The Peachy: from Garry Adams St. Petersburg, FL

This is our version of Letters to the Editor, if you have not seen it before!


Garry writes:
Greetings from St. Petersburg, FL. I just read your recent review of Martin's Tavern, and it really got me stirred up that we haven't been there in two years. My wife and I travel quite a bit, and we've been to some great restaurants, bars and pubs around the country. Martin's is our favorite joint of them all. The history, the people, the food - everything is just first class. Can't say enough about the staff. About four years ago, we blew into town late on a Friday night. It was our first trip there in at least a year and a half. After checking in to the Georgetown Inn, we went over to Martin's - hoping to get in before the kitchen closed. It was pretty crowded, but server Islam (from across the room) actually recognized us standing at the door and gestured us over to the one remaining open booth. The kitchen was indeed about to close, so he in essence ordered for us - because he remembered our favorite dishes and drinks! We said sure, put it in. And we got a great dinner - just under the wire. Solomon is another of our favorites. And we met Billy himself on our last visit. Just can't say enough about the place.

Hopefully, we'll get up there again soon. Two years is too long. I can taste the Welsh rarebit ....

Best regards,
Garry Adams
St. Petersburg, FL

About Martin's Tavern:
Established in 1933, Martin's Tavern is one of Washington DC’s most historic family-owned enterprises. For 80 years, Martin’s Tavern has been a renowned fixture in the mid-Atlantic and a must-visit establishment in historic Georgetown. In the late 1890's, William S. Martin traveled from Galway, Ireland to America. Forty years later, he and his son, William G. Martin, the current Billy's grandfather, opened Martin’s Tavern on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and N Street NW which is run today by our friend, William A. Martin Jr. You can call him Billy! From sitting Presidents and media icons, to city residents and worldly travelers, Martin’s Tavern is a welcoming home to the many who have long embraced its warm atmosphere. Its quintessentially classic American fare has delighted discriminating palates for decades from the Oakwood Atlantic Smoked Salmon to the Filet Mignon to whatever your little heart desires from the convincing menu. Every President from Truman to George W. Bush has happily dined at Martin's Tavern, and you can see the delicious culinary choices preferred by each in our review: Martin's Tavern is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know: 

The President’s favorite booths, The Proposal Booth of Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Mickey Mantle in The Dugout Room, George W. Bush and family at Table 12 are just a few of the iconic stories. Fourth generation owner Billy Martin, Jr. continues the tradition of Washington’s oldest family owned restaurant and Georgetown landmark. 

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