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Monday, August 18, 2014

Terrific Takeout: Gracie's on Second Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

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 There aren't that many diners that have been in business in Manhattan for years on end.  Gracie's on Second is one of them!  It recently moved down the street to 300 East 86th Street which is on the Southeast Corner of 86th and 2nd -a major intersection that is one of the crazed building locations of the 2nd Ave Subway - and it previously was at 86th and 1st Ave for many years.  They do straightforward diner cuisine consistently and our entree was the spectacular roast chicken.
 A generous portion to be certain, this flavorful bird upstaged many other diners we've tried and not written about.  It's poised on an amazing bed of mashed potatoes which really hit the spot.
 The green salad was perhaps most impressive of the three items we tried.  This is not a mere Greek Salad: it's an Athenian Salad.  It boasts a bevy of nutrition that is most impressive with its cucumbers, radishes, artichokes, green peppers, carrots, olives, anchovies, romaine lettuce, red onions, and grape leaves stuffed with rice which is a highlight of the greek festivities in the bowl.
 It's important to note that this salad was freshly made - sometimes diners in general don't get it right with freshness but we had a great fresh experience at Gracie's on Second.  The bite-sized components added to the joy of eating the salad.
 Here is a picture of it from the side - it is a huge portion that you certainly will enjoy and maybe even choose to share!  Owners Tom Kataras and Steve Nikolakakos have been in this business for many years, and we look forward to their anticipated active anticipation on the internet! We posted their address and phone number but believe they are still getting up on their own site and Facebook and Twitter. (See below for links to order...)
 Peachy is a very big fan of spinach and spinach pie in particular!  This incarnation by Gracie's on Second was a solid, gratifying entry that you should give a whirl.
Gracie's on Second is Terrific Takeout!

300 East 86th Street
212 879 9425

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