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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


With 150+ careers, Barbie® has always encouraged girls that if you can dream it, you can be it. With ...

Whom You Know could not be more thrilled to publish our first review of a Barbie, and Entrepreneur Barbie is what Peachy Deegan has always dreamed of.  When she was young, the Barbies she played with did not necessarily have careers and Peachy would not have known the meaning of the word entrepreneur at the age of first playing Barbies.  It is a fantastic message to send to young girls: you can be what you want to be and achieve all you can in the business world, and being an Entrepreneur is an excellent career choice to do that, and there are so many businesses a woman could potentially start and excel in.  We feature many amazing women Entrepreneurs on Whom You Know from Elizabeth Ann Kivlan, President of Stribling, to Jo Miller, President of Maine Woolens.  We look forward to featuring many more!  Peachy's Entrepreneur Barbie supports other women entrepreneurs and networks and learns from them.  They know that anything boys do, girls can do better.
Our Barbie knows she can achieve her entrepreneurial dreams in Manhattan!

With 150+ careers, Barbie® has always encouraged girls that if you can dream it, you can be it. With the launch of the Entrepreneur Barbie® doll, available now, she is blazing trails along with other female leaders who are proud to be the boss.

 This year alone, female entrepreneurs have graced the cover of TIME's Most Influential People issue and lead 1-in-5 start-ups. Alongside Barbie®, female entrepreneurs are changing the world, surpassing their goals and showing girls they can be both capable and captivating.  We also love that there are variations on Barbie to choose from in this style, and of course we picked the one with brown hair that looks like Peachy.  In her childhood, Peachy thinks that all Barbies were blonde and that Barbie's friend PJ was a brunette.

Collectors, Girls and parents can explore inspirational tips, career-themed games and activities at
©2014 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.
Barbie® Entrepreneur (CBD23, CBD24, CCJJ, CCJ45)
SRP: $12.99 | Ages 3+ years | Available: June 2014

• After 150 + careers Barbie® doll has finally decided to start a business of her own!

• Her “smartphone,” tablet and briefcase are the tools of her trade and always by her side.

• Ready for the next big pitch, Barbie® Entrepreneur doll wears a sophisticated dress in signature pink that features modern color blocking and a sleek silhouette.

• Luxe details, like a glam necklace, cool clutch and elegant hairstyle, are smart, professional touches.

Peachy Deegan Helps Entrepreneur Barbie Get Set Up in Manhattan
-All Views in this Story Reflect the Views of Peachy Deegan only, not Mattel-
...though we imagine Mattel encourages imaginative play for all Barbie owners!
This is what Peachy Deegan's Entrepreneur Barbie does...and this is all fictional from Peachy's imagination. 
The pictures are real however, and we thank our friends below who participated in our story.  They are totally real and the people mentioned exist!
 First, Barbie was dying to get out of the box.  Barbie came to life as soon as she met Peachy, and she was tired from her long flight from California, so she took a nap all snuggled up in Peachy's quality Maine Woolens blanket, made in the USA.  Barbie is all-American like Peachy, so she loves that and she was so comfortable.
Barbie was now rested, but she was hungry.  So of course she had Breakfast at Tiffany's.

This Barbie is so much like Peachy, her hair even gets wild in the Manhattan humidity.  Since it is so hot out, Barbie will later jump in a pool but first:

 she will chat with our friend Sandra Davidoff, a leading woman in fashion!- to see what style Eco Swim will work best!
Entrepreneur Barbie dreamed of what she might buy at Tiffany's once she achieved her P&L goals.  That is profit and loss if you are a young reader!
 Then she started to read Whom You Know, as she had not lived here in Manhattan before.  It filled her in on all of her great options here.    Peachy Deegan uses an amazing Lenovo Thinkpad.  Like everything else, it is a bit big for Barbie so she dances on it to type...kind of like Tom Hanks dancing on the piano in BIG.  Barbie has been super careful and her heel has not been a problem.
 After she set up her temporary office space next to Peachy, Entrepreneur Barbie knew it was time to get office space of her own.  Peachy's Entrepreneur Barbie is going to be the CEO of her own Hedge Fund.  Everyone knows what a mutual fund is-it is long only but in a Hedge Fund, if you make the right choices you can be profitable from both downward and upward market movements.

 She has ordered her Bloomberg terminals to trade on, is hiring a staff, her attorneys are sorting out her Limited Partnership, and she wants to have a chat with Michael Lewis about how he thinks she can get the best execution because she'd like to start off on the right foot.  And she will ask him, "When is Flash GIRLS coming out?"  Barbie also wants to meet Maria Bartiromo.  Peachy met her.
Peachy suggested to Barbie that she might want two offices, one in Connecticut and one in New York, and the new World Trade Center we believe has new commercial office space, and maybe Peachy's Entrepreneur Barbie can get a good deal on it.  She's in negotiations.
Peachy's Entrepreneur Barbie needs somewhere to live other than an office, and she read Remarkable Real Estate Listings on Whom You Know, and has selected a few Stribling properties to look at and she will buy one.  Elizabeth Ann's mom, Elizabeth Stribling, founded Stribling and it is not only run by two smart, phenomenal women that we admire, but also 80% of their business comes from referrals and we aspire to that kind of networking!
While she was setting up her firm, Barbie agreed to help Peachy out as a special consultant, especially since she knows a thing or two about fashion. 
If you look closely in the distance, you will see a Hallak van (Peachy is not so quick with her camera when she preps Barbie concurrently).  Peachy's Entrepreneur Barbie sends all her clothes to our friend John-Claude Hallak because they do the best job cleaning them to perfection.  If you think Peachy has a lot of clothes, imagine how many Barbie has!  Barbie loves Hallak's color choice of course, PINK. 
Barbie is exhausted.  Though her black pumps are attractive she thinks to keep up with Peachy, she needs a flat or a shorter heel.  Peachy suggested this model for her and we like how Barbie's hand is reflected in the heel in the picture.  When you work 80 to 100 hours a week in finance, you need a variety of shoes to switch on and off.  And excellent coffee.
Peachy introduced Entrepreneur Barbie to her friends Paul Mayer and Jeff Levy.  Paul designs the gorgeous styles in New York and Jeff gave Barbie business pointers, and they manufacture the beautiful shoes in Spain and Barbie enjoyed her FFANY experience.
Next, Entrepreneur Barbie met with our friend Sara Simonow, who knows everything about emerging fashion brands as she helps run some of the fashion trade shows we attend.  It was pure luck that Barbie arrived just in time for these shows!
Soon it was time for dinner.  If you read Whom You Know and see how many times the Garlic Shrimp at Solera are mentioned, you can only imagine how much you hear it in person from Peachy.  Barbie just had to try them.  (And maybe Barbie should invest in Garlic Shrimp futures.)
Networking is an essential aspect of being a successful entrepreneur, so Barbie asked Culinary King Rufino Lopez for his business card.  Barbie asked a lot of questions about Muriel Siebert, because she was a friend of Rufino's and ate at Solera a lot (this is true).  Muriel Siebert is known as the first woman of finance and was the first woman to own a seat on the NYSE.
You never know when you're going to get a Gala invitation and Entrepreneur Barbie likes to give back to charities that are important to her. April 15, 2015 is the next Gala for The Giving Back Foundation which is founded by our friend, Philanthropist Meera Gandhi.  Meera is a Charitable Entrepreneur.
So, Milliner Ellen Christine met with Barbie.  She is another amazing female entrepreneur we know and you may have seen her creation recently on Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of Harper's Bazaar.  (that is true also!)
 Finally, Barbie came with Peachy to help review Into the Storm by Warner Brothers pictures.  
 She read and circled the most important part of the notes first. 
 The handrail was the perfect seat and she drank Coke and ate popcorn during the movie.  Peachy's Barbie has incredibly quick metabolism. 
 After the movie, Barbie called up to Eloise, another of our favorites, but Nanny would not let her come down from the top floor of The Plaza.  Maybe Eloise will sneak out, and they will go on a Carriage Ride which Peachy loves and told them they would love too, but we can't say for sure in case Nanny reads this.
 A wonderful day in Manhattan for Entrepreneur Barbie, however, tomorrow it's back to work.
Entrepreneur Barbie LOVES to work and she is going to take Manhattan by storm! 

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