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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Peachy Rabbits: Rock Your Body with the Down the Rabbit Hole Necklace by Out of Print Clothing, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know

Oooooh we just love when we find Peachy Rabbits!  Especially when we can Rock Our Body with them.  We have been tremendously impressed with Out of Print clothing so far, and hope we might next feature our school girl in Paris friend.
But for now, think London.  Think of j
ewelry that tells a story. And remember they spell it jewellery remember from Coutts Jewellery Week.  Chase after that infamous white rabbit who absolutely cannot be late for an very important date!  And you will find an Out of Print adaptation inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  Perhaps they should make a watch as well...

- Solid brass with silver plating 
- Lead-free
- Adjustable 18-inch chain with 3-inch extender
- Alice in Wonderland book charm (pictured below) hangs 3 inches from clasp

Purchase of this necklace sends one book to a community in need

Wear it with the Alice shirt!

Out of Print is a New York City fashion brand launched in January 2010. Life-long friends and avid readers, Jeff LeBlanc and Todd Lawton, founded the company after realizing that much of their shared interests and conversations revolve around their favorite books and authors. As important as books are as personal expressions, conversation starters, and community builders, Jeff and Todd felt there existed a need to get more people to join the discussion. With this feeling at heart, the idea to create a mission-driven fashion brand dedicated to celebrating the world’s greatest stories was born.

Todd, with a marketing background at Nike, and Jeff, with an addiction to graphic tees and an entrepreneurial spirit, decided the t-shirt to be the perfect vehicle to ignite their movement. For them, the t-shirt is the ultimate conversation starter. It also serves as an effective tool for Out of Print to do good—the cause, extending the unifying and transformative power of books to as many people as possible. 

Since launching its initial line of t-shirts and sweatshirts, the Out of Print collection has grown to include an array of literary gift items: tote bags, iPhone and eReader cases, home goods, notebooks, journals and stationery items—as well as a full line of toddler shirts showcasing many of the most loved classic children’s books of all time.

As a primary part of Out of Print’s mission, each item sold makes possible the donation of one book to a community in need through its partner Books For Africa. For communities where books are readily available, it is easy to take for granted the power a book has to make social change. Books are the foundation to strong educational systems and are one of the most effective ways to help end the cycle of poverty and improve lives. 

Since 1988, Books For Africa has become the world’s largest shipper of books to Africa—sending over 24 million high-quality text and library books to 45 African countries. These shipments supply rural school libraries, orphanages, adult literacy programs, and community centers where resources are scarce. In one and a half years in business, Out of Print has been responsible for the donation of more than 925,000 books.

The final part of Out of Print’s mission is to always surprise book, fashion, and art lovers through the stories, art, and renowned artists that make up its collections. The featured art is often out of print and rarely seen anymore, yet it is the art that founded an industry and has sharply influenced modern day graphic design. Through collaborations with partners like multiple Grammy Award winner Wilco and TOMS Shoes, Out of Print continues to remind the world the powerful influence books have.

As the world braces for an inevitable shift in how we consume books (from tangible paper books to digital book readers), Out of Print feels it is more important than ever to reflect on and celebrate our own individual experiences with great literary art.

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