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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Custom Mini Cupcake by Special Cakes Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

Good things come in small packages! And the Special Cakes hit parade continues on Whom You Know...
It began earlier this week with their Bespoke Jumbo Cupcakes:
The mini cupcakes evidence that good things do in fact come in small packages.
Small cakes are better, because they have fewer calories!
Just as rich and delicious as their larger size, the mini cupcakes by Special Cakes impress us too, and they are perfect to commemorate your next celebration, even if it is just to celebrate today.  
Special Cakes’ Mini Cupcake Kits are SO much fun! You start with the Mini Cupcake, deliciously baked by Special Cakes. They’re just the right size to get a delectable treat, but not too big to make you feel guilty for indulging! They come with a flag on which you can print any special message, whether it be your company website or a message to celebrate a wedding, birthday, shower or other fun event. You can have them beautifully decorated by Special Cakes or put them together yourself so each one has a personal touch. Any way you have them, they’re delicious!
This delicious Mini chocolate cupcake quickly thrills the palate with its tiny size. The "Whom You Know" flag topper was an appropriate-sized adornment. They are a great way to denote any organization for any occasion or cause. Clearly wrapped, this mini cupcake comes securely double-wrapped with 2 cupcake papers, the inner one is paper, while the outside cupcake paper sparkled the eyes with silver foil. The colorful purple-colored frosting showcases the "Whom You Know" logo name flag. The color, consistency and flavor of the cupcake and frosting only enhanced this dessert experience!
Oh, the problems we face in life! Come to the rescue for those little moments with a box of Mini Cupcakes from Special Cakes. Go online now and order some for friends, the office, or your next tea with the girls. Each tiny cupcake is so beautifully wrapped, and presented in its own petite box. Just like a present. And the size is perfect for a guilt-free moment, so indulge. But have plenty of friends around, or you'll be sorely tempted to eat them all. Light, moist, and delicious. If this sounds like a commercial, it's because I'm so impressed with this company.

The Special Cakes Deconstructed Jumbo Cupcake Kit, Fairy Cake Kit, or Mini Cupcake Kit includes unfrosted jumbo, fairy or mini cupcakes, a piping bag of frosting with a frosting tip filled with icing, and custom cupcake toppers. Experience the fun of decorating with the work already done for you! Pipe the frosting onto the cupcake, place the personalized topper on top, and enjoy! To order, contact Special Cakes to discuss the design and Special Cakes will mail a quote and a sketch of how the personalized cupcakes will look! Once pleased with the design, Special Cakes will get the party started by creating your custom cupcake kit and will ship it or deliver it locally to you! Upon request, Special Cakes will include disposable cardboard tiers to set up the cupcakes for a pretty display!

Special Cakes creates and delivers personalized cupcakes. Contact Special Cakes to discuss the cupcakes desired. Special Cakes will design your custom cupcakes and will mail a quote and a sketch of how the cupcakes will appear. Once pleased with the cupcake design, Special Cakes will bake, frost, and decorate your one-of-a-kind cupcakes and ship them to you. All you have to do is enjoy!
Special Cakes was founded and is owned and operated by Brittany Alexander and Megan Alexander, sisters. Brittany, a musical theater major, attended Ithaca College, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from SUNY New Paltz in 2000. Megan graduated from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 2004 and became a certified public accountant in 2008. After college, Brittany and Megan both worked in the business world, but always craved a creative pursuit outside of the office. Brittany and Megan were raised in an atmosphere that valued aesthetics, ingenuity, and creativity. The importance of home and family was always prevalent and relationships with each other made every day a special day. One way the Alexanders (as so many do) always enjoy or celebrate life, each other, and the day is by making and sharing a baked treat! - and sharing baked treats with their pups! They call these treats special treats. It eventually became clear to Brittany and Megan that they could focus their efforts on creating an entity that would celebrate the uniqueness and importance of everyone by creating personalized cupcakes; Special Cakes. Brittany and Megan formed the LLC, designed a commercial kitchen, built the website and started the brand. Special Cakes celebrates people. Special Cakes believes that everyone has certain gifts, talents and abilities to share with the world and Brittany and Megan enjoy sharing theirs by making people feel special with cake! Special Cakes operates like a couture fashion design studio. Special Cakes discusses the cupcake design desired, creates a sketch of how it will appear, and then creates the custom cupcake toppers. Everyone at the party gets the decoration and it is unique to each client. The goal is to make the client feel special by bringing their idea to fruition in the prettiest way possible and, of course, to enjoy! Special Cakes is in its first year of business and is headquartered out of the owners’ other business, Country House Bed & Breakfast. Special Cakes began with local cupcake delivery. Since then, Special Cakes has expanded its product lines to include national shipping of personalized jumbo, fairy, and mini cupcakes, cupcake toppers, decoration kits, deconstructed cupcake kits, cookies, and dog treats, and local delivery of personalized cupcakes, pies, homemade soups, cookies, candy, dog treats, and cakes! Life should be celebrated and Special Cakes is thrilled to offer products that might just make life that much sweeter. 

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