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Monday, October 20, 2014

IndigoH2O Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! All Water is Not Created Equally: Some is Just Superior.

All Water is NOT the same.
And we just learned of some high caliber water you should know about.
If you're like owner and creator 
Yuri Cataldo, perhaps you feel tired often, like he once did before he created this water.  We feel there's a high percentage of tired people in Manhattan!

If you are tired, maybe you're not drinking the right water, and enough of it. 
IndigoH20 boasts essential minerals in its p
ristine spring water from the Great Lakes Region.  It is crafted with a perfect balance of natural minerals, resulting in a 9.0 pH alkalinity and a silky smooth, incredibly crisp, exceptionally fresh taste profile. Until you try this water, you will never know what silky smooth water is like on your palate.  These extraordinarily unique characteristics make IndigoH2O the first ever water to perfectly pair with fine food, wine, spirits, and still contain exceptional health benefits in each sip.   We even liked making coffee with it-that's the ultimate in our not being tired!  Everyone drinks water, and why not get your minerals in at the same time?!

This premium water is beautifully showcased in stunning indulgent blue glass bottles-all amazing restaurants we know: they would look great on your tables!  From a Charitable perspective, 
IndigoH20 is a 
member of 1% for the planet and so donates money to help children in need.   
IndigoH20 is the 
only award-winning alkaline water in the world and a top choice for culinary enthusiasts to cleanse their palate.   
IndigoH20 is guaranteed to be fluoride, hormone, drug, and chemical free. 

IndigoH2O is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

And P.S. Drink it before and after you see A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder!  (Bryce and Yuri went to Yale Drama School together.)
Owner Yuri Cataldo tells Whom You Know:
Growing up I had a lot of health issues that were holding me back from living my life. After going to numerous doctors I was diagnosed with Mediterranean Anemia and was told there is nothing that could be done: I would just be tired all the time and would have to learn how to live with it. On the advice of one of my parent's friends, I went to go see a natural doctor. After a series of tests she found out that what I really needed was the correct amount of minerals for my body and to drink more water. After a few weeks of eating better, drinking more water, and taking the correct vitamins/minerals for my body I felt like a new person. After grad school I was traveling more and was having issues finding good quality bottled water so I decided to create my own. I had taken 0 business classes during my years studying art and design at IU, Juilliard, and Yale so I read lots of books. In 2011, I just jumped in with both feet and launched a website to test the market. At the end of the first month I experienced success, so I started producing the water. Originally it was called Simple Water, but the name was changed to IndigoH2O in 2012. Since the name change, our water has been taking off. We've been featured at the MTV VMA awards, The Emmy's, the Golden Globes, the Kansas City Film Festival, and an upcoming feature film. In addition to online sales picking up, we got into Whole Foods Market which in turn has opened up other doors for us. IndigoH2O can be found in Whole Foods, Aveda Salons,, independent grocery stores, doctor offices, fine hotels and other retailers across the US, Argentina, Kuwait, Italy, and Denmark.

Our biggest success came in the winter of 2013 when we won our first international award at the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting. We have won an award every year we've entered the Berkley Springs tastings.

Berkley Springs International Water Tasting Results:
2014 - Silver Medal
2013 - Bronze Medal

 Yuri Cataldo also tells us:
I am a successful Entrepreneur and University-level Instructor who combines music, theater and the arts with tactical, real-world business strategies. As an Instructor, I am determined to create a pathway for art students towards business ownership, career opportunities and financial satisfaction without having to rely on a ‘fallback plan’. As an Entrepreneur, I have honed my skills in guerilla marketing and promotions, tough negotiations, responsible sourcing, team leadership and business finances/P&L. 

Named one of Indiana’s “40 Under 40 Business Leaders” for 2013.

Yale University, Yale School of Drama, New Haven, CT - Master of Fine Arts in Production Design, May, 2008
(Awarded the Donald and Zorka Oenslager Scholarship in Stage Design)

The Julliard School, New York, NY - Professional Program: Theatrical Design, Administration and Marketing, May, 2005

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN - Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Drama, May, 2004

(Awarded the Rosemary R. Schwartzel Scholarship; Helen Sarah Walker Scholarship; Kappa Kappa Kappa Scholarship and IU Honors College Professional Experience Grant)

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