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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Southern Okie Gourmet Apple Spread Recommended by Whom You Know

When you think of apples, you think of down-home wholesomeness. Southern Okie Gourmet Apple spread fits right in with that expectation and does not disappoint! Using an idea from a cheese platter at a wine bar I went to a few weeks ago, I paired fresh mozzarella with this very cinnamon-y and flavorful Apple spread. The result was fantastic. The mozzarella was creamy and filling, the apple spread was spicy and flavorful. Together, they were just fantastic. Give this delicious apple spread a try!
...with grill-roasted pork loin, steamed fresh green beans and home fries.
Southern OKIE Gourmet Apple Spread tastes like "apple pie in a jar"! The rich, apple, cinnamon flavor is superb! The "chunky" texture is pleasing to the palate and awakens the the "sweet tooth". It is an excellent topping for homemade Belgian waffles, fresh homemade potato bread or just as a delightful snack on crackers. It is most convincing as a garnish gracing a premium grilled pork loin roast!
The brilliant Southern charms in every jar of Southern Okie will make your kitchen imagination soar. Use their apple spread any way you would use applesauce. Spread it over your pancakes, on your toast, or use it in your apple pies. I used it as an ingredient in my morning muffins for an extra moist finish, with a kick. 
Home style goodness is hard to find at your local grocery store. I really enjoyed Southern Okie Gourmet Apple Spread. This tasty sweet apple spread tasted fresh and flavorful. You can use it on toast, ice cream, muffins, pastries, even pork. It's truly gourmet in every bite.


From music business executive assistant to gourmet food business owner, Gina Hollingsworth is spreading her homegrown business at a rapid pace, which proves this Southern belle is not one to let any grass grow under her feet!  
In one year she has established a gourmet spread business distributed in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Florida, and Colorado. “It all started because I couldn’t throw away perfectly good apples,” Gina admits.

Her former boss, Troy Tomlinson, President/CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, had fresh fruit delivered to the office every week. “By week’s end there would be an abundance of fruit left, but I couldn’t bear it being thrown away. I found myself collecting apples; and in just no time, I had no idea what I would do with the almost 75 apples in my refrigerator. That is when the story begins,” laughed Hollingsworth.

Leaving Music City behind, when her husband accepted a position in Oklahoma City in 2011, Gina hit the ground running. Oklahoma was a new frontier and one she knew nothing about, but that didn’t stop her from establishing her company, Southern Okie, in 2012.  
A true Southerner at heart who quickly adapted to the Okie ways of life, Gina immediately felt at home. A desire to be resourceful combined with her born-creativity and native Southern goodness enabled her to make a profit her first year in business, as she cooked her way into the hearts of the “Sooner State.”  
Every batch of Southern Okie Gourmet Spreads is handcrafted with only the highest quality fruits and fresh gourmet spices to ensure that made-from-scratch goodness in every bite.   
Southern Okie Gourmet Apple Spread has the sweet flavor of “apple pie in a jar.” Warm flaky pastries filled with this spread and topped with a dollop of whipped cream are unsurpassed. Pork chops roasted and served with butter-sautéed sage leaves and the pan drippings, is all you need to impress your guests!

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