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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Terrific Takeout: William Poll Since 1921 Not Only First in Gourmet Luxuries and Catering But Also Fantastic For Fall Cuisine! Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

The latest and greatest by our friend Stanley! 

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 There's a big difference between a brand we feature once and a brand we feature twice!
Welcome to the William Poll hit parade on Whom You Know!
If you are in the know you probably don't need us to tell you this is one of the most elegant homes to gorgeous and delicious food and run by one of the nicest New York families.
Stanley Poll is just PEACHY.  William Poll is the Rolls Royce of Takeout.
William Poll was first featured in May 2014:
The best restaurants anywhere update their menus seasonally, and here's what's new for fall.
We let Stanley pick the entree.  When you visit him and see all of the decadent creations, you will also learn that everything is better than good there, and note we nearly never defer our choices to the owner.  
 "I chose a French-cut Chicken Breast marinated and roasted.  It's fantastically moist and has an exquisite taste to it.  It's accompanied by Eggplant Rollatini and a Corn Salad in a great combination of spice," Stanley tells Whom You Know.  
The eggplant with tomato and dreamy creamy ricotta will wow you and the thinness of the eggplant and flavor is superlative; you will miss it once it mysteriously disappears from your plate.  You may roll your eyes and think corn is boring, but not THIS CORN.  You can tell that it's been just cut off the cob and black beans and half-cut cherry tomatoes come to its party.  It has a nice spiciness to it without being overwhelming.  And the chicken?  Totally boneless except for that tiny bone poking out like your pinkie when you sip tea, the Chicken was triumphant and flavorful.  Roasted to perfection, it was moist.  This would make a great lunch or dinner! 
 We like to order the same thing sometimes if we think we love it, and the encore act by the Smoked Salmon was even better than the first time.  You know we never edit any pictures: the color on this is that tremendous and is an indication of stellar flavor.  The caper dots punctuating the fine fish are so cute!  The salmon is ideally thin and you have to try it!  It danced like sugarplums in our dreams between this spring and now.  The Greek salad was also just as fresh and delicious as we remember and we love that they put the dressing on the side.  Green salads are a must at every meal! 
 Dessert is not a requirement in our reviews, but you may have noticed many restaurateurs think it is a good idea to have us try their dessert.  It is an EXCELLENT idea to try the Mocha Java Cake!  The superb richness and quality flavor will win you over, and know that the Fall Menu runs through Thanksgiving up until Christmas.
Move your feet to 1051 Lexington between 74th and 75th Streets and tell Stanley Peachy said to say, "Trick or Treat!"  And you will be treated with delectable fall cuisine!
There is no need to cook when there is William Poll...even Jackie Kennedy thought so!
William Poll is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
(You cannot eat in there otherwise this would be advancing to Peachy's Picks).

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