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Monday, November 17, 2014

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE with our First Feature on Connecticut River Candles Made in Historic Haddam, Connecticut! Oakmoss and Amber Earns Our Highest Recommendation

Drumroll please, not only have we found a great new brand Made in the USA, but also it's from the GREAT STATE OF CONNECTICUT.  If you look to the right and see a little girl raising a flag, that's Peachy and she's standing not too far from where these amazing candles are made.  Few candle brands employ the level of quality that this brand, Connecticut River Candles employs and we are super excited to tell you about them.  All candles are NOT the same.  
No details are left to chance with this candle brand. The candles can be ordered dyed or undyed and you can even select your lid color, either black or nickel. Soy candles have become very popular because they are eco-friendly, burn cleanly and provide a long lasting scent.  
Brenda Hunter started Connecticut River Candles in 2007 after moving to a home located on the Connecticut River in historic, beautiful Haddam, Connecticut. She said the river, along with a lifelong love of handmade inspired her company and its name.   William Gillette we bet wishes he were alive today to enjoy these in his Chez Peachy.

All candles are hand poured in her workshop in Haddam.   They are so much more beautiful than a factory-produced forgettable comparison.  Brenda uses 100% natural soy wax and the finest fragrances to make her soy candles.   We thought made in France announced luxury, but so does made in Connecticut when you consider this brand and the Oakmoss and Amber in particular is a burst of fragrant classiness for your fall ambiance.  We feature this one first because we believe it has universal appeal for both men and women-it is not a feminine scent at all.  It is a strong, rich powerful scent of freshness that will add a wonderful warmth to your room and we would call it unisex.  It boasts a
romas of rich woodsy musk combined with a blend of herbs and amber-infused with natural sage, lavandin and orange essential oil. It's made in their Spa Jar with a clear label that make the company’s clever logo with the ships wheel really pop. 

The Connecticut River photographs on the labels add a unique touch. Brenda and her husband love boating and it provides the perfect opportunity to take photos for the labels. Brenda said, “it just made sense to add photos to the labels and our customers enjoy seeing places they recognize in the photos. For example, Gillette’s Castle, the Haddam Swing Bridge, Essex Marina and Selden Creek”. 

Since its inception in 2007, CT River Candles has grown from offering just 10 scents in one jar to over 75 scents in 3 jar styles. 
In addition to Soy Candles, Brenda makes Soy Melts, Fire Starters and Air Freshener Products. All products can be purchased on their website or at one of their retailers. Speaking of retailers, they number over 40 and there’s quite a variety of types. Take a look at the Retailer List on the website and you’ll see these soy candles can be found at quite a variety of stores.  In addition to providing candles for online customers and retailers, this company also makes candles for other candle companies. Yes, that’s correct… may be burning a soy candle made by CT River Candles and not even know it!

Brenda Hunter, CT River Candle's Founder and Owner, is a resident of Haddam, Connecticut.

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