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Monday, November 3, 2014

Leonardo's Chipotle Pizza Sauce Recommended by Whom You Know!

If you like your pizza with a kick, this is the sauce for you! I thought a zesty, peppery pizza sauce called for… more peppers of all sorts. I tried it on a fresh, homemade pizza with pepperoni and bell peppers! Delicious!!! Not too spicy, but with just the right amount of pizzazz to keep your taste buds standing at attention. Feel free to spice it up or tone it down. You can’t go wrong!
Now you have an excuse to turn a pizza party into a Mexican fiesta! With Leonardo’s Chipotle Pizza Sauce, all is possible. We made a sausage (veggie) and onion pizza, using dough from our friendly neighborhood pizzeria. You need someone to help with making that pizza dough reach the size you need, and every vision of tossing it in the air will come to mind. Spread some Chipotle Pizza Sauce on as a base, add your other ingredients, and pop it into a very hot oven for 12 minutes or so. Out comes deliciousness. The spices in the sauce make the entire experience, and you’ll not need to fuss with much. The hard part is thinking up what kind of margarita goes best with pizza.
This "Chipotle" sauce of Leonardo's stands alone, to be set apart and enjoyed separately from the rest! Tangy and tantalizing to the taste buds, this sauce will wake you up to notice the heated flavors! Quite tasty and satisfying, especially if you relish the Chipotle zip! This can be enjoyed on a pizza or pasta with few other ingredients, as this has its own hearty twang. 


Our sauce made us famous. Leonardo’s Pizza’s award winning pies have been delighting customers in Vermont and Maine for over twenty years. Inspired to add flavor to the pizza sauce aisle and to meet the growing trend of making pizza at home, we began bottling our Leonardo’s sauce three years ago. For the first couple of years, we focused on distribution solely in Vermont to assess the viability of our concept. Having determined the concept was viable, we officially launched our line at the 2014 NYC Fancy Food Show, where we received an overwhelmingly positive response. We are thrilled to introduce our four culinary creations – Original, Roasted Garlic, Asiago and Chipotle pizza sauce. Our Original sauce is pizza sauce perfection – fresh and irresistible. Rich and tasty, our Roasted Garlic sauce is a garlic lover’s dream. Our Asiago sauce has an effortless essence – cheese, cheese and more cheese. Our Chipotle sauce is where robust flavor meets smoky heat, a mouth-wateringly complex combination. Because these flavors are cooked into the pizza sauce, it provides balanced flavor in every bite and the overall foundation to the pie. Our sauces are made with very high standards of quality and integrity, and are GMO free. Shhh….you don’t have to tell anyone it’s not homemade. Have a jar of Leonardo’s tucked away for pizza night – it could make you famous, too.

Sara Byers is a native Vermonter who was raised in Burlington. After attending University of Vermont, she spent eleven years with Gap, Inc., working in a variety of roles around the country. In 2001, she returned to Vermont and joined her family’s business, Leonardo’s Pizza. Currently, Sara is the President of Leonardo’s, which has two pizza delivery stores in Vermont, one pizza delivery store in Maine and a wholesale pizza sauce business. She serves as President of the Lund Family Center Board of Directors, Vice Chair of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Vice Chair of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts Board of Directors and as a Board member at Mater Christi School. Sara was appointed in 2013 to the Governor’s Business Advisory Council on Health Care Financing. Sara was the recipient of the 2012 United Way Health Building Block Award, the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 2010 Rising Star Award and the Women Helping Battered Women’s 2009 Community Spirit Award. Sara is a graduate of the Leadership Champlain and Excellence in Executive Leadership program. She lives in Essex Junction with her husband and nine year old daughter.

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