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Monday, November 3, 2014

Medium Xen Pillow LP Recommended by the Sleeping Beauties of Whom You Know - Plus, it's Made in the USA!

Plane travel has a new boost with the Medium Xen Pillow LP. I've been hauling around my little squashed down feather pillow all over the world with me for decades. Now, I'm packing the ergonomic Xen Medium Pillow on every trip. As someone who works bent over a work station all day long, my neck and shoulders suffer. Now, instead of a trip to the spa, all I need is a good night's sleep with my Xen Pillow, and the magic happens.  This is a wonderful, washable, smallish pillow made of molded foam that adjusts to your contours and vice versa. You'll notice a difference in pain relief overnight, should that be a problem with you as well . 

The Medium LP Xen Pillow's smaller unique design gives close support to and preserves the well-being of your neck and shoulders. With all the same qualities of the equally unique larger Xen pillow, this medium-sized pillow is an asset on a train, plane or passenger vehicle trip. Also, this is a terrific comfort on a daybed, love-seat, couch or recliner. I might suggest this Medium LP Xen Pillow's size for any child too. Whatever the trip or destination, one will experience total comfort and support while catching some zzzzz's, home or away. So relax, let yourself be lifted into the most natural sleep anyone could possibly experience! BEST OF ALL...IT IS MADE IN THE U.S.A.! 

We all love our sleep, so if you can find a product that makes sleep more restful, comfortable or enjoyable, that's even better! The Medium Xen Pillow LP is designed to cradle your head and neck perfectly, alleviating strain. I like to sleep with a pillow next to my head as well as under it, which usually requires I sleep with THREE pillows (one under my head, and one on each side). This pillow has done away with all that. In addition to the support it has for head-neck alignment, the pillow has “wings” on each side to cradle my head and snuggle my cheek into. Their large pillow has wings too, but the Medium size cradles my head just perfectly. Enjoy your next night of sleep even more with this Xen pillow.

The smaller Medium Xen pillow is easily transportable. Thus it is a convenient way to support your neck and shoulders when you travel. It is also wonderful for watching TV—in bed. Or in an armchair. It provides excellent support for your neck while reading. I have also used it for supporting the neck during abdominal exercises. Or for Pilates Hundreds.

Xen Pillow tells Whom You Know:

Marlon E. Holder, Engineer, Inventor and CEO of Xen Pillow Manufacturing Corporation announces the introduction of the newly patent pending, ergonomically contoured Xen PillowTM. Product testers have documented their results showing substantial neck and shoulder sleep support benefits using the Xen PillowTM. Testers reported that with ordinary rectangle stuffed pillows they suffered with stressful neck and shoulder pains, suffering sleep deprivation for many years. The Xen Pillow’s dynamic design provides the much needed neck and shoulder support and offers them the great night sleep that they have long sought. Xen PillowTM had a 100% satisfaction rating.

The Xen PillowTM is made and assembled 100% in the USA. The pillow is made from a revolutionary propriety foam core material. Marlon sought relief from his own chronic neck pain and arm numbness as a result of an accident. Marlon continually redesigned the pillow until it was “just right”. Marlon sleeps with the pillow and is rejuvenated and finally pain-free. 

From: The desk of the Inventor, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
I, Marlon Holder am the Inventor, President and CEO of the Xen PillowTM product lines and the Xen PillowTM Manufacturing Corporation. I am personally using the Xen PillowTM products to help me support my neck to alleviate my shoulder pains. I am also proud to have my family using the Xen PillowTM to help prevent their neck and shoulder pains which they regular get from standard/regular pillows.

Previously, my chiropractor would adjust me for my neck and shoulder pains and upon my return home, I noted that by using my regular pillow, the pains were recreated exactly where I was recently adjusted. Then, I was back to where I started PAIN. 

Many people, including myself, struggle through our daily activities with these little constant, annoying pains. So now, with my invention, I am pleased to share the Xen PillowTM . The neck and shoulder support products that have complimented my sleep habits and have rejuvenated my daily activities. 

I stand behind the science of an ergonomically contoured Xen PillowTM design that will revolutionize the true sense of a pillow. The Xen PillowTM product lines have been engineered and tested with a Research and Development testing group and we bring quality, design and relaxation to enhance your life style.

My Staff and I hope you enjoy the Xen PillowTM products as much as we have. 

Marlon M. E. Holder
Inventor, President and CEO of the Xen PillowTM Manufacturing Corp.

Brief Background
Mr. Holder current business includes Product Development (Xen Pillow TM), Strategic Planning, System Engineering and Program Management;

Mr. Holder is an Engineer and a Graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and received his Master of Science from Florida Institute of Technology. His expertise extend to over 25 years in Program Management, Product Life Cycle Management, Risk Management, System Design & Test, Safety and Environmental Technology, Value Engineering, Production & Facility Engineering. 

Publications in "Reliability Assessment of Plastic vs. Ceramic Components", U.S. Army Technical Report ARFSD-TR-92018, Sept 1992, and "Development of an Environmental Stress Screening Plan for High Energy Density Batteries", Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Predictive Technology Conference, Nov 1991.

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