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Friday, November 14, 2014

Times Square Trouble Mention of Peachy Deegan, by Mover and Shaker Charles Kipps

"Conor found Brandi sitting at the bar.  "Hey, Brandi."
She hugged him.  "I missed you."
"Me too," Conor managed.
"Want a drink?  On me."
"Sure.  I'll have a Ketel One martini straight up with a twist. No vermouth."
Brandi wrinkled her nose.  "It's not a martini without vermouth, is it?"
"Maybe not.  But that's how I like it."
"You should try a Peachy Deegan."
"A what?"
"It's a drink.  And a person.  Peachy comes in once in awhile with Charles, the guy who owns Star vodka.  She invented the Peachy Deegan."
Conor slid onto a bar stool next to Brandi.
"Three parts Star vodka," Larry explained from behind the bar.  "One part fresh peach nectar.  Half a lime, fresh squeezed.  Garnished with a peach slice and served in a champagne flute."
"No thanks," Conor said.  "Just give me a martini."
Brandi looked at Larry.  "Make it with Star vodka."
"I'll stick with Ketel One."
Brandi placed her hand on Conor's shoulder.  "I guess the older somebody gets the more they're set in their ways."
Conor's jaw tensed.  Any mention of age put him into an immediate funk.  "Okay.  Star vodka."
Despite his resistance to change, especially when it came to drinking, Conor decided he would keep an open mind.  He took a sip.  And then another.  He held up the glass and swirled the clear liquid.  Brandi and Larry waited for the verdict.
"Beautiful," he finally observed.
"See," Brandi said.  "It doesn't hurt to try something new once in awhile."  She sipped her Peachy Deegan.  "The problem's solved so you don't have to arrest him."
"Arrest who?" Conor asked...
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