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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For 2015, Lotus of England Since 1759 Introduces Goodyear Welted Shoes to the Collection! Lotus Men's Jeremiah Black Leather Goodyear Welted Shoes Are Highly Recommended by Whom You Know For Sharp Dressed Men on Both Sides of the Pond!

 These shoes are so exemplary, that when Peachy Deegan opened the box she nearly wished she was a man!  Lotus Shoes of England, which has specialized in the practice of excellence since 1759 (although they might tell you they specialise?) has knocked one out of the park-a baseball term for home run if you are reading from the UK-with their Goodyear Welted Shoes.  We chose the Jeremiah in Black Leather:
For those that appreciate premium quality and exceptional fitting footwear that reflects true craftsmanship, look no further than the Lotus Goodyear Welted range. This new collection for 2015 adopts this traditional way of making shoes to offer footwear that boasts unrivaled comfort and longevity. 
 Every last detail of these shoes of distinction is attended to from the punch work detailing to the quality leather that we believe will prove the test of time.   We've been working with Lotus for several seasons now, and every pair we've tried has proven its longevity test.
 Every seam is perfect.  Every individual stitch is testament to the top craftsmanship employed in the manufacture of these shoes, which are handcrafted:
 These are perfect for a suit in your business life and are classy enough to be paired with a smart casual weekend outfit when you go out on the town.  Their sturdiness is surprisingly relatively lightweight.
 One of the first things people notice about you is the quality of your shoes.
When you walk past them in this handsome number, you'll be sure to impress. 
 They are comfortable as well, and our tester was absolutely delighted with their performance.
True craftsmanship is reflected in a pair of Lotus Goodyear welted shoes. From the selecting of the leather, through to the integral process of constructing and finishing the footwear, skill and attention to detail are of the essence. Each process in this unique, yet traditional, method of making shoes results in exceptional fitting, superior quality footwear.
How exactly are they made and what does Goodyear Welted mean?
Once the leather has been cut, in some instances by hand, the upper, linings, quarters, tongue, vamp lining and tongue lining are stitched together in the process known as ‘closing’. Then the assembled shoe is stretched over the last and attached to the insole. Welt sewing, in the form of a chain stitch, on the inseam joins the upper, lining and insole rib. Then a compound, a breathable material, is compacted in the cavity between the insole and the outsole, creating a flat surface to apply the sole and providing added insulation whilst making the shoe relatively water resistant. Once the leather sole has been applied, surplus material is removed and a groove for the lock stitching that attaches the edge of the outsole and the welt is made. Each style is completed with a heel and finished to exacting standards that discerning gentlemen will appreciate. 
The Jeremiah Black Leather Goodyear Welted Shoes by Lotus are Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

With a history spanning 250 years, Lotus has an outstanding reputation for offering women and men a variety of essential footwear styles that are of exceptional quality and fit. Options include designs that are at the height of fashion and inevitably suit a spectrum of tastes, together with timeless classic options which encapsulate style and elegance and as a result appeal to the more refined lady or the discerning gentleman.

Attention to detail is lavished on every pair of Lotus shoes; distinctive finishing touches, an alluring colour palette and exquisite upper fabrics all assist in creating irresistible footwear. In addition, styles from the Lotus footwear collection effortlessly harmonise with a number of co-ordinating bag designs in key shapes for the season. A range of formal and casual handbags aimed at the style minded women in search of a chic work bag or a weekend option was also recently introduced to the Lotus collection.

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