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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introducing Heavenly Soufflé by RW Delights! Whom You Know Highly Recommends The Chocolate Souffle

At Whom You Know, we are dedicated to a mission of chocoholism and we take it very seriously.  We've found a brand called RW Delights that you ought to befriend because they deliver maximum quality with minimal effort on your part.  Pop their frozen souffles in the oven, and minutes later you have something that looks gourmet and tastes it as well.
We added the whipped cream, an essential to us with a chocolate souffle, and every bite was pure ecstasy.  Delight your guests!  Tell them how hard you worked on it...and only tell your very good friends your best new secret.
A chocolate soufflé you can make at home? Yes, please! This is an amazingly delicious dessert you can enjoy with minimal effort. I tried it both as it comes (you could call it “plain”, but it was anything but!), and with some homemade limoncello drizzled on top. Both were incredible, with the soft warm inside and the crusty outside that you expect from a professionally fresh-made soufflé. Try one today!
Heavenly Chocolate Souffle by R.W. Delights Inc. of Millington, NJ lives up to its namesake, "HEAVENLY"! The decadent chocolate flavor is very intense. I partnered it with fresh raspberries which delightfully complemented this most delectable delight! As perfect a souffle it could possibly be, it did not disappoint! These two delectable delights come encased in 2 covered ovenproof ceramic ramekins.
There's no way to overindulge with this precious little package of chocolate. It mystifies how RW Delights manages to perfect a Do-It-Yourself chocolate souffle, and have it perfect when it comes out of the oven. The New Jersey-based company has come up with a gourmet chocoholic dream, and packaged it in a most presentable ceramic ramekin. Just the thing for your country club luncheon. No one will ever know that you didn't abscond with a French chef for the event.


What happens when two moms, family friends since childhood, discover they share a passion for chocolate and a similar ambition to start a business? They put their heads together and, using years of business experience, develop a company to share with others their love and excitement for unique chocolate desserts. The name: RW Delights Inc., a business started by Roxanne Kam and Wendy Friedmann. Their first product: The “Heavenly Soufflé.” This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is an individual chocolate soufflé, sold frozen, in reusable white ceramic ramekins. (Yes, you get to keep the ramekin for which people are finding many uses.) Just pop the ramekin into your oven for 18 minutes and a perfect soufflé is ready to serve on your table. No fuss, no mess... look like a gourmet chef.

Roxanne had been a Controller in New York for many years. With a love of chocolate and a recipe her friends raved about, Roxanne decided it was time to introduce the world to her mouth-watering chocolate soufflés. Knowing Wendy’s extensive sales and marketing background as well as her shared passion for chocolate, Roxanne suggested they form a partnership—a continuation of a relationship that started so many years ago as they watched their mothers successfully juggle careers and family.

In January 2006, RW Delights was born. Heavenly Soufflés' debut was at Jackie Gordon’s Divalicious Chocolate Café in Nolita. They have now expanded into retail stores in Manhattan, Westchester, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey. Heavenly Soufflés are also sold nationally through food services and private label.

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