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Thursday, March 19, 2015

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE WITH THE PILLOW BAR! Peaceful Dreams™ Pillow - Standard Size is Recommended by Whom You Know! We are Happy to Kick Off Coverage of The Pillow Bar! Upgrade Your Life in Bed for Your Specifications Including Your Specific Sleep Style and Your Height

Where has Peachy Deegan been this week?  The St. Patrick's Day parade, of course!  And also, she spends a lot of time researching brands to see if they are all that they're cracked up to be, and the people behind them as well.  Few in the monster pile make it this far to the publishing cut!  We particularly love it when we find brands of excellence made in the USA, which sadly is getting more and more difficult, but today we are thrilled to introduce you to a new one to us!  It has been our pleasure to test The Pillow Bar, and we kick off our coverage with the Standard Size pillow, the plain vanilla of their brilliant collection which is much more than plain when you consider the lovely down inside, combined with fragrant lavender!  Taking a nap feeling like you are in a lavender field in France knowing the product is made in America is one of life's pleasures, says our resident Sleeping-Beauty-In-Chief, who needs her sleep just like you!  (despite the Tweeting at all hours!)
Peachy was in a trance with her head on her Pillow Bar Pillow and snug as a bug in a rug in her Maine Woolens blanket, all Made in America of course! (Until the phone rang. And rang. And she turned off the ringer and continued her work of pillow testing!) Peachy absolutely did have sweet dreams, and the quality of this pillow is just tops; she did not feel one pea in the mattress or the pillow. Want to know the pillow stats and spe
cifications? It's 
300-thread count, double-stitched, washable, zippered, 100% cotton sateen, with a white outer pillow protector with satin cording, and has a hand-made sachet of soothing French lavender.  Each of these luxuries has a purpose – to make the Peaceful Dreams™ pillow the best down pillow you can find.  We haven't found a better one yet!  We l
ove that this company creates bespoke pillows; do listen to our new friend Merrimac, the founder and CEO-we believe you will learn:

The Pillow Bar is a free-standing “bar” that contains all of the ingredients to create a luxurious customized down pillow. The pillows are designed to match a sleep style by pairing the shape and fill to perfectly compliment the stomach, back, or side sleeper. The Pillow Bar has dozens of retail locations, with more coming soon, in addition to the website store

The Pillow Bar offers various sizes of sleep pillows; Standard (20”x26”), Queen (20”x30”), King (20”x36”), European Square (26”x26”), Boudoir/Travel (12”x16”), the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper (45”x12” horseshoe shaped) designed by Nationally renowned Chiropractor Dr. Mary Collings, the wedding ring pillow and now the Jetsetter Mini (12 x 12), The Jetsetter (20x20) and the Pillow Petite (16x20). The Pillow Bar pillows are priced by pillow size and the price includes an embroidered monogram and choice of aromatic sachet. Stay tuned for more excellence from this amazing AMERICAN brand!

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