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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Terrific Takeout: Morrell Wine Bar and Cafe Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

The incomparable Roberta Morrell, Star of the Show!

The delicious Wild Mushroom Pappardelle:

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There are two ways to sip a glass of wine in Manhattan:
1. With Roberta
2. Without Roberta
Choice number one is undoubtedly superior, and we're sure you'd agree if you have also had the pleasure of meeting Roberta Morrell, CEO of the Morrell Wine Group.  
In fact, when Peachy has had wine in front of her since this meeting, she says to herself, "Where's Roberta?  I wish Roberta was here."  
Morrell Wine Bar and Cafe was first featured in Peachy's Picks in 2012:
We thoroughly enjoyed sipping this robust Brunello at Morrell Wine Bar and Cafe, and Roberta told us that Brunello was created in 1980 - just to show you how young the wine business is.  They have a 17-page wine list that boasts wines that would probably win Grammys if they were songs and Oscars if they were movies.  We like to do a good job with one thing so we stuck to this knockout Brunello.
We genuinely loved meeting her!  
(Peachy is wearing Geiger.  Thank you Mr. Geiger & Connie!)
Though we enjoyed our experience three years ago, the whole point of Whom You Know is to introduce you, the reader, to someone you want to know because they are a) phenomenal at what they do and b) a pretty spectacular person as well.  We only ever want to work with brand owners.  The most spectacular are featured the most, of course.  Simple!  Roberta Morrell is one of the best people we've met so far in 2015, and she began full time at the Morrell brand in a very good year, 1976.
Roberta's father was once in the wholesale wine business, and the company he was with was bought by Gallo.  In 1947, he created Morrell and Company, Fine Wine Merchants in a 600 square foot store on East 49th street between First and Second Avenues.  After first pursuing an illustrious career in caberet and theater, Roberta then joined the family business.  In November 1999, Morrell Wine Bar and Cafe opened in Rockefeller Center and you need to know it is just as fabulous as a restaurant and is the creme de la creme of wine bars.  
Though not an official member of the printed menu, the green salad we requested was happily brought to Peachy, bursting with color and nutrition.  Arranged beautifully, it was everything we'd hoped for and they even listened and put the dressing on the side for the picky Peachy who likes to control the amount of salad dressing.  The invisible angel named Bloomberg that sits on Peachy's shoulder was happy with her getting her salad in.
Another glorious bastion of greenery arrived as our appetizer: Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Applewood Smoked Bacon and Roasted Garlic. 
This appetizer was our favorite edible component of the night!  Shaved Brussels Sprouts are just as terrific if not better than halved or whole Brussels Sprouts and combined with this succulent bacon that is the stuff of carnivore dreams, and roasted garlic for our resident garlic-monster-in-chief, it was total perfection.  We reveled in its simplicity. We want to eat it again!  And again and again.
Sometimes we reorder dishes to see if they stand up to the test of time and consistency.  That is true of the Wild Mushroom Pappardelle, which was just as amazing as it was three years ago.  We basked in both its Truffle Essence and Parmesan Cheese, and you ought to know this is just as good as pasta courses we've had at the most competitive Italian restaurants.
Fish is always a good idea from both a healthy standpoint and also from the standpoint of a Catholic girl during Lent.  It is a bonus when it's as delightfully tasting as the Pan Seared Rock Cod at Morrell Wine Bar and Cafe.  Mushrooms and Broccoli with White Wine and Spinach Puree also come to this party on a plate that you will love.
Morrell Wine Bar and Cafe is Terrific Takeout!  Right down to their phenomenal Toffee Pudding, which was also as fantastic as it was the last time (note that, all readers in Ireland and the UK especially!)

Please stay tuned for more excellence from this brand.  We do believe we have seen Red Umbrellas when it's nice out.  Roberta Rocks!

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