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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Terrific Takeout: Primola Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

The magnificent swordfish of Primola!

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Peachy first picked Primola in 2012, and it has taken us far too long to return.  Primola has been a champion of Italian cuisine on the Upper East Side since 1986, and co-owners Giuliano Zuliani and Executive Chef Samuel Morcho continue to impress us tremendously.  Every table is welcomed with crudites, cheese, meat and bread which is a lovely touch that should be more prevalent in the industry.

We absolutely love their flag hung at the bar, and commend their patriotism.  We think a lot more restaurants ought to have an American flag up!  Tell us if you follow their example.  Bravo Giuliano and Samuel.
Their sophisticated, traditional Italian menu has a flair of quality that we love.  The appetizer that caught our eye on this visit again was the Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Endive e Pomodoro: a smashing combination!  The mozzarella was expertly grilled, and the taste of that component alone was tremendous.  The tomato slices were fresh and the skin of the tomato was removed, leaving a smoother presentation.  And, it was just as good as it was in 2012.
It is just as attractive as it looks, and we reveled in its pure simplicity.  

We always order a green salad, and we always want the dressing on the side.  This Insalata Speciale Primola was the best salad we've had in recent days!  Everything was finely chopped and the vivid colors were beacons of nutrition before we even started to eat it.  Yellow pepper, tomato, green beans (we love green beans!), mushrooms, red pepper, and red and green lettuce classically combined to make both Giuliano and his produce suppliers proud.  Primola was happy to put the dressing on the side.

A pasta dish that we found quite commanding was the Black and White Taglierini, with shrimp, fresh tomato and seppia.  The glorious combination swam in a light, fragrant sauce and the taglierini was perfectly al dente, and we loved the freshness of the shrimp which were not only seared perfectly but also cut up into bite-sized pieces with their tails removed (another suggestion for all other restaurants!)
Also note their specials menu says in capital letters: 
We are noticing that now, and next time we must visit the white truffles properly if they are in residence.  Yes, Peachy has been having trouble with her eyeglass prescription and this might be the worst casualty yet.

Owner Giuliano Zuliani personally goes to Hunts Point a few times a week and selects the fish properly himself, and you can tell when you meet and eat the swordfish!  The steak of the sea is one of the best fish dishes we've had in 2015, and every bite was testament to the quality of Primola and exactly why they've done so well since 1986.

Primola is at 1226 Second Avenue in Manhattan.

212 758 1775

(When they are on social media/have a website, when they let us know, we'll let you know.)

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