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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Creme Brûlée by RW Delights is Simply Amazing Says Whom You Know!

All four desserts we tried by RW Delights were professional, delicious and superlative.  If you are a fan of Creme Brulee, you are in for a superb treat!
This crème brûlée is absolutely amazing! I never would have thought that I could have crème brûlée at home… at least not without undertaking a huge fuss! This crème brûlée was better than most freshly-made ones I’ve tasted at restaurants. It was creamy and flavorful with just the right amount of sweetness to complete a gourmet meal right in your own kitchen.
Heavenly Creme Brulee by R.W. Delights Inc. of Millington, New Jersey lives up to its namesake, "HEAVENLY"! The crystalized glazed top is a terrific highlight of this smooth, light, creamy-textured Creme Brulee. The delicate topping satisfies, savoring with crunch and flavor. It is absolutely the perfect dessert ending to any elegant dinner. These two delectable delights come encased in 2 covered ovenproof ceramic ramekins.
Some scream for ice cream, while I scream for Creme Brulee. As done by the best chef with the perfect hand, but with a twist. Heavenly Souffle has packaged beautiful little ramekins filled with the most delicious concoction, and all one does is pop it under the broiler. Voila! perfection, every time. What a brilliant concept, and so delicious. Ingenious and foolproof for any menu.


What happens when two moms, family friends since childhood, discover they share a passion for chocolate and a similar ambition to start a business? They put their heads together and, using years of business experience, develop a company to share with others their love and excitement for unique chocolate desserts. The name: RW Delights Inc., a business started by Roxanne Kam and Wendy Friedmann. Their first product: The “Heavenly Soufflé.” This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is an individual chocolate soufflé, sold frozen, in reusable white ceramic ramekins. (Yes, you get to keep the ramekin for which people are finding many uses.) Just pop the ramekin into your oven for 18 minutes and a perfect soufflé is ready to serve on your table. No fuss, no mess... look like a gourmet chef.

Roxanne had been a Controller in New York for many years. With a love of chocolate and a recipe her friends raved about, Roxanne decided it was time to introduce the world to her mouth-watering chocolate soufflés. Knowing Wendy’s extensive sales and marketing background as well as her shared passion for chocolate, Roxanne suggested they form a partnership—a continuation of a relationship that started so many years ago as they watched their mothers successfully juggle careers and family.

In January 2006, RW Delights was born. Heavenly Soufflés' debut was at Jackie Gordon’s Divalicious Chocolate Café in Nolita. They have now expanded into retail stores in Manhattan, Westchester, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey. Heavenly Soufflés are also sold nationally through food services and private label.

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