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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dark Chocolate Party Cups by Kane Candy Recommended by Whom You Know! Add Chocolate Flair to Your Next Soiree Says Whom You Know!

What a wonderful idea! These Dark Chocolate Party Cups will take your next dinner party dessert to the next level! I tried them with some coffee ice cream, sprinkling the chocolate shavings on top. My otherwise-simple dessert had a presentation and look similar to a sophisticated restaurant. The chocolate was delicious and held up well with the fillings. What a treat!
Party in the plans? Let Kane Candy solve one of the problems with their easy fix: Dark Chocolate Party Cups. What are they you might ask? Simply the perfect solution for happy guests. These little cups, so deliciously molded from dark chocolate, will take your fruit fillings, dessert whips, chilled anything at all to heart and serve them with the most brilliant presentation you could ask for. I can’t believe it’s so simple.
 I packed these convenient, premium quality, delectable, dark chocolate party cups with fresh fruit. 
Bite into raspberries, clementines, strawberries, blueberries and a fresh mint sprig surrounded by these delightful dark chocolate party cups to elevate your senses. 
 These premium dark chocolate party cups come carefully packaged to preserve their delicate shape. 
You may fill these fine dark chocolate party cups with whatever delights you savoring the fine taste of chocolate in each and every bite.  
A sampling of white chocolate and dark chocolate curls are also enclosed so that you may embellish your dessert creation…such fun!

As a specialty food industry veteran, Joe Kane was looking for a way to provide the very best entertaining & quality baking segment in a retail pack format but also keeping the line 100% American Made. This was a difficult task as many of the premium quality chocolate brands are made overseas. The Kane Candy brand was founded in 2012 with a vision of providing quality minded retail products to the at home chef, party planner or novice baker. The Kane Candy brand offers the same premium quality chocolate baking & decorating products that you would find offered by the world’s finest pastry chefs… but now available to consumers for at home use. They started the Kane Candy brand launch with award-winning Chocolate Party Cups that are now available in 9 award winning varieties! This range has become a consumer favorite and their chocolate cups are used by consumers nationwide for dinner parties, weddings, graduations, holiday parties or any event looking to provide world-class mini chocolate desserts. Kane Candy chocolate cups are real show stoppers and provide a unique and tasty chocolate dessert experience. Kane Candy will be launching some exciting new retail products in 2015 to complement their current line of Chocolate Party Cups. Stay tuned for great things to come and look for Kane Candy products at quality retailers nationwide or online.

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