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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whom You Know Celebrates Our 18,000th Post with Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner! Hallak Continues to Earn Our Highest Recommendation; Hallak Is The Best Dry Cleaner in Manhattan and Beyond, and the Official Dry Cleaner of Whom You Know!

Whom You Know is tickled pink to celebrate our 18,000th post with the best couture dry cleaner anywhere, Hallak Cleaners!
Joe and John-Claude Hallak, second generation owners
Donna and John
John and John
As Hallak will celebrate their 50th year in 2016, we thought we'd start the celebration today and start celebrating a little bit early.  We've worked with different cleaners since we began in 2009, but once we started working with Hallak, we never switched back to any others because Hallak does a better job.  If you search Crisp Cleaners, our first Hallak post was in April 2011. They take the utmost care and pride in their work from every aspect of their organization; Peachy Deegan visited their company in New Jersey and met everyone and saw it firsthand.  All her clothes look better than ever because of Hallak.  Even her bags are talking about them.
Traditionally we believe the 50th is celebrated with gold, and so we present to you Peachy's gold Halston dress.
When your party dress is all partied out, it's time for a visit to Hallak for that dress.
When your garments arrive back to you, the bottom of the bag is tied tight to protect your garment.
And it is tied tight so not one sequin on that dress will get one speck of dirt!
There are a lot of sequins on this dress if you've seen it on Peachy.
A padded hangar is used to protect the couture properly, and it is stuffed with tissue paper to keep the shape of the garment.  It is sparkling clean.
All of your garments will be returned to you via a solid-gold standard, which is why this brand has endured and flourished for nearly five decades.
If you care about your appearance and want to work with the best, you work with Hallak.

For nearly fifty years, Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner has been entrusted with Manhattan’s finest wardrobes. New York’s fashion boutiques have been recommending Hallak to their loyal customers for years. They understand the importance of quality fabric care and protecting their client’s investment. While Hallak is known for their expert handling of couture and other precious items, they also make it a point to give your more casual garments the same level of attention. Their representatives are always on the look out for the hard-to-notice stains, loose seams, missing buttons, etc. You can trust Hallak Cleaners with your entire wardrobe and then some. A sample of some of their specialized services: 

Tables & Bed Linens

Suede, Leather & Furs 

Couture & Casual Wear 

Custom Interior Services 

Expert tailoring department located at both locations.

Complimentary Pick Up and Delivery Service 6 Days a Week. 

Hallak Cleaners

1232 Second Avenue (near 65th) 

New York, NY 10065 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a pick up, please feel free to email us at

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