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Monday, September 21, 2015

WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE with Mover and Shaker Jennifer Dixon's La Senorita Jolie! #LsjStyle #LaSenoritaJolie #TheBeautifulGirl

Ellen Dress 
The perfect Little Black Dress, MADE in the USA

La Senorita Jolie, by Mover and Shaker Jennifer Dixon, has been one of the stars this season!
It was first featured for apparel:
and it was next featured for jewelry in Rock Your Body:
This style we love even more because it's made in America!  The Ellen Dress by La Senorita Jolie has style in its simplicity, and it can be dressed up or down.  It's terrifically comfortable, and not too long and not too short.  We recommend it especially for travel as it is so easy to pack and look great after it's been folded.  The Ellen by La Senorita Jolie is universally flattering with its v-neck and tie side.  As the weather cools off, it's going to look fabulous with any of our Geiger jackets in jewel tones.
Peachy in the Ellen at Flinders Lane

ashTags- #LsjStyle #LaSenoritaJolie #The Beautiful Girl


All the finer points of La Senorita Jolie that You Should Know:

La Senorita Jolie (LSJ) is the only Direct Sales company that sells Casual Clothing and Stainless Jewelry! They are doing something that has never been done before.

The clothing is washable (great if you have young kids or are on the go), easy to layer, under-stated and affordable.

Their Stainless Steel Collection, called “LSJ Delicates” are all designed by CEO Jennifer Dixon. They are light-weight and will not rust nor tarnish. They are perfect for layering, wearing in the ocean or sporting while exercising.

They brought on Winnie & Kat pieces that are all made in the USA. They have clothing that is made in the USA and abroad.

Clothing is perfect for all sizes! They carry various products that range in sizes XS-4SXL.

Growing up around her family's textile plant in North Carolina, casual wear, design and production are second nature to Jennifer. After studying at UNC-Chapel Hill, Jennifer lived in Spain where her style and creativity were heavily influenced by her experiences abroad. In 2000, Jennifer moved to New York and worked in fashion and advertising sales before putting business school applications on hold for the chance to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur. Jennifer co-founded "Hunter Dixon," a contemporary women's clothing line in 2006 when she was twenty-nine. The line has been carried in over 200 boutiques nationwide, SAKS, Neiman Marcus Cusp and Anthropologie.

In 2013, Jennifer left Hunter Dixon, with much experience under her belt, to pursue a new dream and business model with La Señorita Jolie. 

A lover of glamour, albeit a self-professed "t-shirt and jeans" girl, Jennifer found that women tend to spend more time in casual clothing these days. Jennifer saw an opportunity for a casual twist in the social selling marketplace and from there LSJ was born! LSJ offers a curated collection of casual, affordable and chic garments in a fun, relaxed environment. Consisting of cozy fabrics, the LSJ curated pieces are all easy to wear, easy to care for, easy to pack, easy to layer and easiest to fall in love with! As travel is such a large part of Jennifer's background and inspiration, the La Señorita Jolie casual wear and jewelry are all pieces that you can easily pack in a suitcase and take anywhere in the world. They are offered in endless colors and perfect for layering for any occasion. The simplicity of these pieces is symbolic of all of the women who are enjoying the flexibility to work from anywhere with "La Señorita Jolie".

In October 2014, Jennifer designed an exclusive stainless steel jewelry collection known as the “LSJ Delicates” collection. These pieces reflect the same casual, understated look of the LSJ Clothing, while also delivering messages of inspiration. Stylists now have the opportunity to sell clothing and jewelry in their businesses.

East Coast and the West Coast: The Opportunity to Join LSJ as Stylist has never been better. 

In July 2015, after two years in business, LSJ warmly welcomes Diane Prince as an advisor. Diane is the Former CEO & Founder of Winnie & Kat (Malibu, CA). Diane has an entrepreneurial background in direct sales party plan, staffing and business management. Diane co-founded her first company when she was twenty-seven years old and has since participated in the management of multiple companies; taking them from start-up ventures to multi-million dollar national businesses. “Diane’s experience opens up much growth opportunity for LSJ and with her involvement LSJ’s most exciting chapter officially begins! Diane brings so much energy and enthusiasm to LSJ; I am beyond excited that she has chosen to join us and I cannot wait to see what the future holds working together!” says Jennifer Dixon.

“Winnie & Kat came from a dream to create a business where women, like myself, could produce an income stream for themselves while making friends and having fun. In three years, we have grown an empowered team of women across the United States, who enjoy selling cute clothing made of comfortable fabrics. Now it’s time for the next evolution of our sisterhood. As the Winnie & Kat chapter of our story closes, I have decided to join a young company from North Carolina led by a founder with similar values to mine. La Señorita Jolie (LSJ) offers curated pieces that are easy to wear, easy to care for, easy to pack, easy to layer and easiest to fall in love with. Identifying with LSJ's mission, to create part-time and fulltime jobs for fashion forward women, I knew this was a company that I could get behind. At LSJ I will be working with CEO & Founder, Jennifer Dixon on product development, marketing and social media. Mostly, however, I am excited for the opportunity to build and lead my new team of empowered Independent Stylists! 

When you know your WHY, you will do anything to get it. My WHY is to create my own personal freedom while empowering other women to do the same. I am humbled and grateful by the women who do not let me give up. Together, and with the team at La Señorita Jolie, we are keeping this dream alive...the dream is real!” Diane Prince.

If these are the kind of clothing and jewelry you live in and love, they hope you will join them in the revolution!

Current Promotions to Join LSJ as a Stylist:
There are three different options to join LSJ and kit-wise. If you purchase the $179 or $299 kit the Stylist receive TWO free inspirational cuffs. 

And here is more about the opportunity to join; stylist commissions start at 20%:

Interested in Joining as a Stylist or Hosting a show? Email us

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