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Monday, November 30, 2015

Terrific Takeout: Greenwich Street Tavern Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Our friends owners Joseph DiGalbo and R.J. Sayegh holding the Southwest Salad and BBQ Babyback Ribs, respectively
The best burger we have eaten anywhere in 2015

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Originally opened in 2006, Greenwich Street Tavern excels in classic American pub fare, and in our inaugural experience we conclude they do it quite well!  This year, equal business partners R.J. Sayegh and Joseph Di Galbo bought it, and they showed us how they are among the highest-end sports taverns in Manhattan.  They love all sports and we do too.  Did you know R.J. was a baseball player?   Game food has always been a big part of any match for us (you know who eats soft chocolate ice cream after NYCFC scores...).  We understand Greenwich Street Tavern changes their menu three times a year and it has wide appeal from blue collar to white collar in its diverse crowd.  Surely everyone agrees how fantastic the burgers and ribs are!  We began with the Chili.
You can choose exactly what kind of chili you want, from the choices of Beef, Veggie or Buffalo Chicken.  We opted for the Beef, which boasts Grade A choice Angus Beef and it teams up with Jack and Cheddar Cheese and Crispy Baked Tortilla Chips.
The green salad we chose was the Southwest Salad, a bespoke creation of Greenwich Street Tavern.  The best part undoubtedly is the Norwegian Salmon, which is grilled to perfection and superlative.  Avocado, Corn, Tomato and Jack Cheese join it with iceberg lettuce and the most brilliant ranch dressing we've had all season (you know who normally does not like salad dressing, but liked THIS salad dressing.)  You absolutely should order your Salmon blackened; it is extraordinary.
You might have noticed we are advocates of Ireland and the UK and for the record, Peachy Deegan has had fish and chips in Ireland, Scotland, London and other parts of England.  (not Wales.  Yet.  And if you own a restaurant over there we want to hear from you!)  
When looking at the menu, the Tavern Fish and Chips jumped out at us.  Beer Battered Filet of Sole with Chipotle Mayo Tartar gives the Greenwich Street Tavern a solid showing in this discipline.  It's joined by Sweet Potato Fries.
We were hugely impressed with the BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and for some reason, we have found few venues that really do a great job with this.  You are going to eat every bite off these ribs because the flavor is amazing and the quality of the ribs from Fort Meat just hits the spot.  We like how they serve them with vegetables!  The meat falls off the bone just perfectly and you are going to fall in love with these!
R.J. and Joseph asked us if we wanted to try the burger, because it is one of their signature features.
It is totally obvious why!!!
Here is an aerial view.
We would like to think that Peachy has a Twitter mouth that is on the larger side, but Cosmopolitan Dental will tell you her physical mouth is not.
We will let the pictures speak for themselves for a moment.
You should know the minute she bit into this, Peachy was quiet: because she was busy eating!
This is the kind of burger most places should aspire to.
They use a half pound of Grade A Choice Angus Beef!
We didn't even think we'd like Fried Onion Strings, but they are fantastic!  Those, along with Crispy Bacon, Jack Cheese, Tomato, Pickle and Chipotle Mayo with the burger on a Kaiser Roll compose a masterpiece.  It is the best burger we've had all year.  Anywhere.
Greenwich Street Tavern is Terrific Takeout!
We can't wait to see what they do next.

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