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Monday, December 21, 2015

Cocktail Bermuda Short by Clare Hare of Darien Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Can't Beat Made in the USA by Clare from Connecticut!

The holidays are harbingers of cocktails...and don't you need a new pair of shorts to celebrate!
It's pretty warm here up North for this time of year, but these are perfect for down South.
Peachy's wearing them at Table D'Hote, on the Upper East side of Manhattan with a Lilly Pulitzer polo.
Cocktail Bermuda Short: Mid-rise with distinctive trim; hidden side clasp at waist; just above knee length.  And, drum roll please, they are made in the USA!  They look great with any solid top or you can wear them to the beach over your suit.  Their upbeat, colorful flair is certain to put you in a good mood as well as the expert craftsmanship and quality employed.
Previously on Whom You Know, Clare Hare of Darien was featured:

Clare Hare Darien is a female-founded company which designs and manufactures resortwear for women since 2004. The motivation for her business came from combining a background in finance and a love for textiles into an apparel design and manufacturing company--Clare knew how to sew and was a "numbers" person--therefore, a logical fit for the design of patterns and the logistics of manufacturing. Clare became interested in the plight of the Garment District in NYC and was committed to only manufacturing in the USA and keeping manufacturing and jobs alive in our own country. Several years later, having developed 10 best selling designs, the company sells to about 100 prestigious clubs in the USA across the country and has an active ecommerce website. 

Clare participates in selected trunk shows and has a partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance, which receives 5% of sales of her sun-protective wear, and is devoted to research on how to end melanoma. Clare’s sun-resistant activewear features a long-sleeved shirt with built in fabric protection with the same defining characteristics of her line: classic, yet stylish, comfortable and great for travel--all made in the USA—of mostly all cotton, imported fabrics. Clare Hare’s apparel label includes: skorts, shorts, pants, short-sleeved polo shirts, tunics and casual dresses to be worn for golf and/or other resort activities: boating, biking or just shopping around town. Her clothing line exemplifies: fabulous patterns, distinctive trim, superior fit (with regulation hem length for golf) and flawless construction (made in NYC) which sets her apart from the rest of her competition. The firm has a loyal following from individuals, as well as distributing to top clubs around the country including: the Everglades Club and Maidstone Club, and upscale boutiques such as: the Darien Sport Shop and the Nantucket Hotel.

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