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Monday, March 21, 2016

Peachy Picks Greenwich Street Tavern Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Our friends owners R.J. Sayegh and Joe DiGalbo in front of Greenwich Street Tavern

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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and you ought to know that by now, silly.
In our search for the best, one of the venues most recently featured that we visited for the first time that we liked most is without a doubt Greenwich Street Tavern.  
They put the white glove on casual dining.
Located in Tribeca, Greenwich Street Tavern is owned by the multi-talented Joseph DiGalbo, Robert Sayegh and Christopher Vaccaro (not pictured; we look forward to meeting you some day Christopher.)
"We take the time to care, are committed to quality and we put a lot of thought into our menu to make it homestyle," Joseph DiGalbo tells us.  "We have high-end pub fare, and are not a regular sports bar.  We do not serve average food; everything is made from scratch.  The french fries are cut downstairs, and the meatloaf is made daily with ground beef," Robert Sayegh says.
Originally opened in 2006 by Joseph and Christopher, Greenwich Street Tavern was featured first in the fall of 2015:
They have sailed flawlessly into the ranks of Peachy's Picks.  Robert joined the team in 2015.
Peachy Deegan began with a Guinness.  It was terrific because they clean their lines at GST every two weeks, and we also loved the shamrock on top.  Peachy's probably the only food critic that comes out with a Top Ten Irishmen to Know list on St. Patrick's Day and is likely to adore anything more that has shamrocks.
The appetizer she chose was the delicious lobster mac and cheese.  The crustacean wonder is sourced from Northeast Lobster in Brooklyn every two days, and it is from Maine (just like the best blankets!)  It boasts rich flavor and plenty of delicious lobster that you will enjoy.  Breadcrumbs grace the top, and we might have been a tad less aggressive with them.  The mac is ideally al dente and overall this is a winner.
Greenwich Street Tavern has four salad choices and Peachy chose the Caesar with Shrimp.  Chicken, Steak, and Salmon blackened or unblackened are also options.  The shrimp itself was perfectly grilled and the right temperature of warm, and the lettuce was perfectly sliced into bite-sized pieces.  The parmesean cheese was in perfect proportion and they even put the dressing on the side for the uber-picky one here.  She actually liked the dressing in this case, but of course likes to apply the amount herself (see Livliga feature earlier for more on moderation).  We would have used fewer croutons but if you love croutons you're going to like the party they have on top.  
At most venues that are casual, we would hesitate to order wine as it is not often competitive with the white tablecloth restaurant wine we select.  However, at Greenwich Street Tavern, where they totally pay attention to their guests and their tastes, you can find smashing cabernet that was just right for Goldilocks Peachy.  Not too tannic, not too weak, and not too sweet, the Redwood Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, from California was rich, ripe and robust.
That cabernet was the perfect companion to the pork ribs, which we had been dreaming about eating again since we had them the first time.  They were no sophomore act; the BBQ Baby Back Ribs you must try!  A full rack is most desirable because then if you dream about them too, you can wake up and make your dreams come true by getting your doggie bag out of the refrigerator.  The ribs at Greenwich Street Tavern are sourced from Fort Meat in Brooklyn.
We're glad to say that the Irish Coffee is splendid and even better considering they incorporate County Offaly into it with Tullamore Dew.  Our most avid readers know that Peachy's ancestor Patrick Deegan came from Kings County, which is Offaly, and that is where Tullamore Dew is made.  Creme de Menthe adds a lovely accent and a cheer of green.
See above for County Offaly!
Greenwich Street Tavern gets their desserts from Aunt Butchie's, and they put themselves in a small class of people when they discovered who's birthday was coming up, sang to her and decided it was celebration time (thanks to our friend that told us this weekend that he thought Peachy had turned 27, and meaning it!  Yup, she turned 27.).  Sincerity and heart go a long way in these reviews and everything else Whom You Know features and of course, in this column, only when the cuisine is also superlative.  It is at Greenwich Street Tavern.
They asked if Peachy liked ice cream and cake.
That is like asking if we like flats or heels?  We love both and even better they were CHOCOLATE and delicious.
Restaurants are an authentic reflection of the people that own them, for better or for worse and you know we only write on the fantastic ones.
This trio works very hard to create a wonderful experience for their guests and you'll enjoy your time there with great food, positive energy and perfection that starts with the owners.
Our esteemed panelist adds:
A most affable evening will be spent here. The owners strive to "create an experience" and do so with their homey atmosphere and friendly ways. In New York City, there are a lot of corner bars, some stay and some go. The Greenwich Street Tavern is a keeper with its warm vibe, garrulous old-school (but young) hosts and pervasive attention to detail. Their recipes are a flow of comfort food bar staples, with the addition of carefully worked recipes that vary the 
menu seasonally. 
We began with the vegetarian spring rolls, delicately wrapped in rice paper and served with a tempting sweet and sour sauce. This is a simple way to start a meal, or just to hang at the bar with one of their drafts. 
Followed with a feta sprinkled salad (the feta is from Hudson Farms, local and creamy); the salad is a beautiful presentation of selected baby greens, not just your usual basics. 
By now, the Greenwich Street Tavern is taking on a glow, and the live music is starting in the corner. It's only every so often, ( every second Tuesday) but it's a good venue for local talent to step up to the mike and practice their chops. 
Next, the chicken pot pie is all that you'll want in this memory of Mom's home cooking. Flaky filo pastry caps a creamy mix of chicken, celery, porcini mushrooms, and carrots. On a chilly winter's night, this is what your soul will need to shed the season's chill. But this comfortable bar is probably the perfect place to drop by after a stroll on the Hudson River Park in the summer time, too, as they are not far from the water's edge. Be warned: lunch here is mega busy, with locals clamoring for a hearty take-out or eat-in. Joseph and R.J. are always on board, and present a great picture of good, clean pub food with a twist, and in Manhattan, we all need that. 
Peachy Picks Greenwich Street Tavern!
Greenwich Street Tavern is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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