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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Terrific Takeout: Mimi's Pizza, Est. 1959 Spring 2016 Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

Owner Steve Vanacore
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Whom You Know Congratulates their new President, Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan:
In the land of fine pizza, Manhattan, there are few that excel.
For years prior to Whom You Know, Peachy Deegan ate Mimi's Pizza.
It truly is one of our favorites.
Whom You Know began on January 25, 2009, and six days later, Mimi's Pizza was the first food feature ever:
Now Mimi's pizza has website and is digitally inclined, and we've featured a lot more culinary endeavors but we still LOVE Mimi's.
Mimi's was last featured a year ago in 2015:
It was also featured in the winter of 2014:
The original Mimi's opened on the West Side in Hell's Kitchen in 1959, on 50th and 10th on 10th Avenue. In January of 1965, Mimi came to this 1248 Lexington Avenue location and has been thriving ever since.  This visit, we adopted a healthy attitude and ordered vegetables in every course.  Note that Peachy is still a Deegan and not a vegan.
Not all pizza parlors have strong entrees, however, Mimi's does.
We began above with a delightful Chicken Primavera which has fresh vegetables dancing in a light tomato sauce.  Linguine, ideally al dente, swirls around wonderfully chopped cooked bites of zucchini, broccoli, and carrots that team up with the chicken to make a great meal.
We are huge advocates of green salads, and Mimi's has four fabulous choices.  We opted for the Italian Mixed salad, a fantastic classic.  Though it may be a casual venue, the quality employed in every edible at Mimi's is sublime right down to this produce.  Romaine, red onion, tomato and green and black olives were fresh and appropriately crunchy and are sure to delight all.  They were careful to put the dressing on the side as asked.  They absolutely know Peachy here, and have known her even before she started
There is no doubt in our mind that the crowing glory of Mimi's is the pizza.  We dream about their pizza and every version is spectacular.  Continuing along our theme of how you can eat pizza and be healthy, we chose Mimi's Vegetarian.  Per the menu, this features broccoli, spinach, fresh tomato and mushroom and we chose to add onion and garlic.  Immediate pizza bliss awaits you and for someone that often has a lot to say, if you put this in front of Peachy, she is quiet because she is going to be busy delicately devouring this joyful pie.  There is also lovely red wine to go with it...
Pictures speak louder than words...
Don't hate it because it's beautiful.
Eat it!
We LOVE Mimi's Pizza.
Of course, it is Terrific Takeout. 
P.S. NHL and MLS, especially NYCFC, Steve is an enthusiast so go say hi!  We know other professional athletes that visit him and his pizza...
It's also important to know that Mimi's Pizza is personable and not only do they love their customers, but their customers love them. Everyone from the youngest visitors, above, to Paul McCartney, below, have adored Mimi's over the years and still will for years to come.
Here are some pictures of Mimi's in years past.

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