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Friday, May 27, 2016

Chez Peachy: Yes, Harriet, Peachy Is In Fact Bowled Over! BowlOvers Earn Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation.

Gingham Bowlovers
If you've been reading all about what Peachy Deegan has been eating for the last seven years from Boston to Washington, D.C. with trips to Connecticut and one to Delaware, but of course mostly in Manhattan, you better believe she does not eat everything put in front of her when it is, tempting though it may be. Bottom line: we eat and love leftovers but we do not love cling wrap and do not feel it is made as well as it once was, or maybe someone has just gotten pickier over the years which is entirely possible.  Plus, who knows what kind of cancer-causing substances are in plastic wrap?  And, it falls off as does aluminum foil and is a very bad idea if you try to stack your food and it falls over in the refrigerator.  Remember you only hear the good and we've never printed on any refrigerator avalanche stories, but they do happen particularly when the restaurant owners are uberfun and there is alcohol involved.

The best ideas start by solving a problem and cling wrap is a problem.
Harriet Campbell is the solution!

An independent thought: We are pitched a lot of silly ideas we do not waste your time with by people less intelligent than Harriet Campbell.  At this point in the game we spend more time some days throwing away bad ideas because our standards for the great ones keep getting higher!

Listen now: this idea you should spend a lot of time with and if you are having a party this weekend outside, these three hit ideas are great for covering food: please meet the 
Meet the three smart sizes, by Harriet Campbell from Dorset in the UK!  How come no Americans thought of this?!?  And obviously, you need to be wearing your Lotus Shoes this weekend during the festivities with food and BowlOvers.  This is only the start of the Harriet hit parade we venture to believe, and even Martha Stewart has given her high praise. (Read about Mover and Shaker Sophie Herbert here, Martha's niece.)

Original BowlOvers: First Fabulous Idea by Harriet
Packet of 6
Contains, 2 x large, 2 x medium, 2 x small
Messages say:- Waste not want not, Delicious leftovers, tomorrow's breakfast, save some for me, a little bit of and an image of a paw print
Cover bowls from 12-28cm

Salad Bowlovers: Second Harriet Hit
packet of 2
Code BOS
Contains 2 bowlovers covering bowls up to 48cm
messages - Salad Days and one with an image of a lettuce
(but to tell the truth someone here covered pizza with fairness the pizza had only vegetables on it)

Single Personalized/Personalised BowlOver - Medium-Third Brilliant Idea by Harriet for Today
(you know it is really with a z but we'll humor the s in the other spots here...we might not humour it though)
BowlOvers are elasticated cotton covers which are perfect for fitting over the tops of bowls covering food underneath. They can be washed and re-used over and over and over again.
This one covers bowls up to 22cm in diameter.
Add any message or image to personalise it for you or your chickens! 
(add this in the section "ask a question about this product")
We printed this one to cover dog treats
As these are printed individually to order please allow 10 days for delivery.

Our suggestion for a cover:
Whom You Eat Later

BowlOvers Earn Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation.

Harriet tells Whom You Know:
BowlOvers are elasticated cotton covers in different sizes designed to go over left overs, food whilst under preparation and salads etc when eating outside.

We all contribute far too much to landfill and covering food with plastics and foil and throwing it in the bin is not great for our planet. Also we waste far too much food by discarding items that could be eaten the next day.

Our BowlOver food covers are made from 100% cotton and can be washed after use, put in a drawer with the tea towels and re-used over and over again. The messages on top encourage you to use up leftover food and not waste it and add a smile to your face whilst doing so. 

They can be used safely in a microwave to stop splashing whilst being heated – using saran wrap in this way always makes one worry about the chemicals from the plastic leaching into the food. They can also be used to cover items such as vegetables and sponge puddings that are being steamed.

The larger salad bowl sizes are great for alfresco dining – who wants to have flies on their salads and with the elasticated edge the bowls can easily be covered and uncovered whilst dining. Not just flies – think sand from the beach.

Due to the popularity of the product there is now the possibility to personalise individual ones as gifts. Great for hostess gifts, special wedding presents and even presents for cats and dogs!

The idea of the product is it is a bowl “over” – the cotton cover goes over the top of the bowl and should not come in contact with the food. The density of the cotton means they keep food fresh and safe for a couple of days – certainly long enough for you to either want to eat your leftover food or really not want to look at it again! Maybe left over spicy curry is a little bit too much for them but for prettymuch everything else they are a really essential addition to the kitchen.

For more information and a short doodle film about them please head to our website –

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