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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Salon Peachy: Mover and Shaker Julien Farel's Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa Highly Recommended for Haircolor by Whom You Know! Bravo Julien and Colorist Gyna G. Cayambe!

Mover and Shaker Julien Farel and Peachy Deegan 
Colorist Gyna G. Cayambe, Peachy and Julien
"Dahhhling you look fabulous!" so says the world when one exits Julien's.
No, Peachy Deegan's hair does not grow in like this exactly but maybe it could if we spend more time with Julien and Gyna...we are proud to present our first ever review on the amazing Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa!  And again, Peachy is mistaken for a college student this weekend, which we really appreciate in 2016.  This has happened because her haircolor is REALLY THAT GORGEOUS!

This was our first visit to Julien and Gyna was the colorist that did the work on Peachy: on this visit, Peachy had haircolor and highlights.

As you alight the artistic staircase, you check in, are shown to your chair, and are asked if you would like something to drink. When a choice is champagne, it is not a difficult question to answer bien sur mes amies. And much to our delight, the french we were taught as a child from our French-Canadian hockey-playing friends embellished by Mlle Marie-Claire Charton at Miss Porter's we can employ here as Julien is from France.
Oooh la la you are going to be gorgeous.  
You just know it.
We will be honest with you.  It makes us very nervous when someone new to us colors our hair.  If someone messes up our dinner, we have another dinner to look forward to another day and at this stage in the game we would just go somewhere else where we know we would be happy that same night.  Many types of reviews are less permanent than haircolor.  If someone messes up our hair, we are reminded every time we look in the mirror.
However, if someone does a great job and we are happy with them, not only are we reminded every time we look in the mirror but also we are reminded with every subsequent compliment and Gyna's work has received beaucoup de compliments via Peachy's head.
They are both serious and accurate with their mission statement on the cocktail napkin:
What really sets Julien apart, aside from the final result, is that although he is a stylist and cuts hair, when we told him of our desire for haircolor, he personally had us come in straightaway so he could see in person the goals that needed to be achieved and he personally selected the colorist who is most accomplished to achieve such goals.  In Peachy's case, it was Gyna and we are really happy with her and her performance on this inaugural visit.

If you have been reading Salon Peachy for the last seven years, you know Peachy's first goal is no red hair.  She hates red hair on herself and as you see above, there is no red in her hair.  She abhors red hair more than gray hair.  But who has any gray hair?

"We're going to take care of your roots," Gyna told us initially when we began.  
"We're going to give you a nice, rich brown and cover up existing highlights you have," Gyna continued.  "We're going to recreate a balayage over your hair.  No red I promise!  It's not going to be bright blonde; it's going to be nice beige sunkissed highlights that will go really well with your skintone."

Gyna is a woman of her word and she did exactly what she promised, as evidenced by the pictures.  Her skillful technique delivers gorgeous to vous!
L'Oreal Inoa, which we are familiar with and have been happy with in the past, is the formula that was used: 6N for the base to be specific.    The highlights were carefully painted on by Gyna with a lightener that framed Peachy's face naturally after the 35 minute single-process.  
Gyna was perfectly pleasant to chat with during the experience, and when you get your hair washed and glazed, you will fall in love with the massaging chairs that will make you relaxed beyond your dreams.  When the single process was rinsed out, Gyna connected the highlights she painted towards the roots.  Aichen did a lovely job blowing out Peachy's hair after it was colored, using Julien's own defrizz product.
Pictures speak louder than words!
Always, always, always it is not who you know.
It's WHOM You Know.
Julien wanted to be interviewed in April 2009 when no one had heard of, and before we had done many reviews.  Whom You Know began January 25, 2009.
Julien as a Mover and Shaker:
and his wife, Suelyn, as a Mover and Shaker:
Whom You Know Highly Recommends Julien Farel's Gyna for Haircolor and Highlights!

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