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Monday, June 6, 2016

Magsoothium Gardenia Soothing Crystals, Lavender Recovery Crystals, Honeysuckle Soothing Crystals, Winter Green Extra Stength Massage Cream & Lavender Recovery Spray Recommended by the Beautiful and Relaxed People of Whom You Know

The city that never sleeps can take a toll, but who wants anyone to notice?
It may only be lunchtime on a Monday, but if you are ready for some relief, we have answers for you!  For men and women alike and for the stressed, overworked, overexercised and just plain tired, we applaud the brilliance of Magsoothium!
This is the first feature for this brand, and these are the five products we chose to try:

16oz Magsoothium Gardenia Soothing Crystals

*Magnesium and Arnica infused Homeopathic Pain Reliever with a boost of Gardenia Essential Oil

*Temporary relief from aches, pains, and inflammation

*Dissolve half of container in warm water and soak 30-60 minutes, relaxation and relief is yours

*All natural pigment dye, made in U.S.A, used by Professional Athletes

*Enhanced with Gardenia Essential Oil known to help soothe, relax, and calm

This Magsoothium Gardenia is my favorite scent of this homeopathic pain reliever bath soak because of the intense floral hues. You are carried away to luxurious gardens as you bask away your minor aches and pains!

Imagine a Saturday night, just you, bottle of champagne chilled and ready, and a bath full of soothing Magsoothium Gardenia crystals waiting for you to step in and go "ahhhhhh". Any night of the week, any day, it's a treat, and oh, so good for your body and soul.

16oz Magsoothium Lavender Recovery Crystals

*Magnesium and Arnica infused Homeopathic Pain Reliever with a boost of Lavender Essential Oil

*Temporary relief from aches, pains, and inflammation

*Dissolve half of container in warm water and soak 30-60 minutes, relaxation and relief is yours

*All natural pigment dye, made in U.S.A, used by Professional Athletes

*Enhanced with Lavender Essential Oil known to help ease muscle tension and for extra calming

Lavender, known for its relaxing, subtle, soothing qualities sets your mood and sleep time after soaking in this homeopathic pain reliever bath soak. So give yourself a 'treat' with these Magsoothium Lavender salts created with natural arnica, witch hazel and magnesium sulfate in your bath crystals.

Magsoothium is the new go-to homeopathy specialist for recuperating from a tough week of work. Fill the bath, sprinkle the crystals and relax. Guaranteed to work, and replace ouch with relief, lavender is well known for its magical qualities, not just as an olfactory sensation, but also as a calming treat for a moment of peace and quiet.

16oz Magsoothium Honeysuckle Soothing Crystals

*Magnesium and Arnica infused Homeopathic Pain Reliever with a boost of Honeysuckle Essential Oil

*Temporary relief from aches, pains, and inflammation

*Dissolve half of container in warm water and soak 30-60 minutes, relaxation and relief is yours

*All natural pigment dye, made in U.S.A, used by Professional Athletes

*Enhanced with Honeysuckle Essential Oil known to help soothe, relax, and calm

Honeysuckle Magsoothium Crystals exude a sweet aroma. It consists of natural witch hazel, known for its cleaning and soothing properties, which was harvested by my Father in his lifetime. Nice to know that natural ingredients are used in this marvelous product Made in the U.S.A.!

Magsoothium puts a garden in a jar of crystals just for you. Honeysuckle calms the pains that ail you, soothes the savage beast and refreshes your spirit, all in one soak. These bath crystals are now a fixture in my home, and their powers are not to be denied.

16oz Magsoothium Winter Green Extra Stength Massage Cream

16oz Extra Strength Winter Green Magsoothium cream is perfect for massage (Practitioner Jar ideal for physical therapist, spa, trainer, or family use at home).
Ideal for sore muscles -- Inflammation doesn’t stand a chance.
Longer-lasting, so perfect for use at bedtime
Extra-emollient formula helps rejuvenate, dry cracked skin.
All-natural and made in the USA
Extra boost of Magnesium and Infusion Of Winter Green Essential Oils to help for extra strength relief

Invigorating Wintergreen Magsoothium Cream emits a deep wintergreen fragrance while soothing your tired, aching muscles and pains. The rich emollient is enhanced by its properties of arnica and magnesium sulfate. A delight and pleasure to rub on to your inflamed, irritated muscles and pains.

There may be many topical relief products on the pharmacy shelf, but Magsoothium has come up with the best I've ever tried. Hands above the rest, this cream works on tired muscles, pulled tendons and aching bits and pieces. Daily use may just be the natural way to work those kinks out, with arnica included for pain relief. Keep it close at hand at bedtime, and treat your muscles to a rub before you go to sleep.

Magsoothium 3oz Lavender Magnesium Spray

*Magnesium and Arnica Homeopathic Pain Reliver enhanced with Lavender Essential Oil

*Absorbs quickly and fast acting

*Just shake, spray, rub and ....ahh

*Boost of Lavender Essential Oil helps ease muscle tension, calming, and relaxing

Lavender Magsoothium body spray is a handy way to transport your favorite homepathic pain reliever for all your fatigued, overexerted muscles. Lavender qualities sets the mood and comforts your tired, aching muscles, sprains and pains. A wonder that is created and distributed in the U.S.A.!

This little spray is the most modern way of combating aches and pains. Made by Magsoothium, and ever so handy, their lavender spray is a unique treatment that you can include in your daily regimen. Use it after your shower or workout for preventative measures and you'll feel the difference. It will now travel everywhere with me, and be part of my regimen. Instead of resorting to pain medication, try a round of Magsoothium products and allow natural to become a way of life.

These Magsoothium products are Recommended by Whom You Know!

After the Game: the mineral-based, anti-inflammatory products 
athletes know and love.

Magsoothium is infused with magnesium sulfate, arnica, and peppermint -- all natural remedies for sore or inflamed muscles and joints. Unlike other sports or pain products, this unique formula penetrates the skin, seeking the source of aches, pains, and swelling and promotes a quicker recovery.

The Difference is Magnesium 
Instead of just masking the pain with menthol, Magsoothium targets and soothes inflammation, sore muscles, and aching joints, helping patients recover faster. And it’s number-one ingredient is hospital-grade magnesium sulfate, MgSO4.

Magnesium sulfate acts primarily as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is transdermal -- capable of penetrating all layers and sub-layers of the skin to enter the bloodstream. This bioavailability makes it so capable of quelling inflammation that it and can be used to treat acute as well as chronic swelling and their associated injuries and degenerative diseases.

Even at slight deficiencies of magnesium, muscles begin to spasm, and the pain is magnified by sensitive nerves. So, magnesium helps start a positive feedback loop that helps a body recuperate faster. Lastly, unlike analgesics, After the Game can be used without the worry of side effects or drug interactions. 

For Sports Medicine 
After the Game & MgSO4 have many applications, including: Cramp reduction: Without enough magnesium, our body can’t make enough energy to feed our muscle cells. And energy-depleted muscles cramp. Magnesium is a great detox. It allows muscles to relax and release toxins. Stiffness relief: It neutralizes lactic acid. Magnesium calms the central nervous system and nerve cells, quieting pain signals. Restorative benefits for ligament injury and tendonitis. Reduces the risk of hematoma formation (both bruising and blot clots). Immediate swelling relief as a result of trauma.

Additionally, Magsoothium has been shown effective for wound care and post-operative healing. The Foot and Ankle Institute at Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine has tested the product and assessed patient response to its efficacy. This Institute is the world’s largest foot and ankle facility, treating more than 70,000 patients per year. It houses the Leonard S. Abrams Center for Advanced Would Healing. The medical research conducted there is proving case-by-case that this product fills an important therapeutic need.

After the Game Formulas
• Soaking Crystals - Great for use after a strenuous workout or session. Can be used in both cold & warm water. 

• Whole body soak - Bath, garden tub, or whirlpool

• Cold water for inflammation, bruising, and post-op

• Warm water for joint mobility, arthritic conditions, and post-op

• Extremity - Warm or cold soak or ice soak

• Ice Massage

• Towel Wrap & compression

• Spray - Fast-acting. Useful during therapy and activities, especially for blisters & cramps. Shake, spray, rub...ahhh.

• Rub - Currently, After the Game does not make a sports rub, however we recommend our sister company, Magsoothium’s, cream. It is enriched with emollients and zeolite to help heal dry, cracked skin.

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