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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Terrific Takeout: Pickler & Company Craft Deli Coffee Bar Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

Founder and Owner David Lowenstein, endorsed not only by us but also by A&E!

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Whom You Know Congratulates their new President, Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan:

From the opening fresh-squeezed Orange Juice, it was clear that on our inaugural visit to Pickler and Company that David and his superb venue were a place we should know about!  David Lowenstein hails from Pittsburgh and has been in the culinary industry since age 14. This is David's first restaurant.  The name Pickler and Company is inspired by Batman and a wordplay on Riddler.  It opened a year ago in July 2015 and they are celebrating their first anniversary!
Pickler is by far the healthiest deli we've ever seen, and when you walk in you'll see there are taps but they are not for beer: they are for tea.  We might tell you about those the next time; no other deli anywhere has been as both light and delicious as Pickler.  As you know, delis as a group can be quite heavy.  You especially don't want to eat too heavy in the summer!
We began with the chicken tenders, sourced from Applegate.  In keeping with the overall tastes of David's brainchild, they were not heavy or breaded but instead seasoned and flavored intelligently.  David is quite bright.
If you are a dipping sauce enthusiast, you should know that BBQ/Buffalo/Honey and Mustard are your options.  However, these have a delightful taste, standalone and do not need to be masked by sauces like lesser chicken tenders.
We surmise they could be habit-forming.
We are huge proponents of the green salad, and here, you can craft your own.  How we love a world of bespoke!  We chose an arugula base (kale, mixed greens and romaine are also available) and the girl that abhors most salad dressing really adored the ranch dressing here.
Hats off to the many choices of ingredients!
Peachy Deegan chose: tomato, red onion, artichoke, cucumber and boiled egg.
Peachy is in love with corned beef period, because she is Irish American.  This is the kind of corned beef you can eat and still fit into your cocktail dresses!  David's corned beef on fresh sliced rye with sauerkraut and swiss cheese all toasted is simply divine.  We particularly like how he was conservative with the dressing.  We publish this at lunchtime to torture you into going to see him!  By the way for everyone that likes our entertainment publishing on the discipline of television in Small Screen Scenes where we have published on A&E many, many times should know that Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President and General Manager of A&E personally endorses this venue: he says Pickler has improved the quality of life in the neighborhood immensely- and happened to swing by during our review!  A&E is literally across the street from Pickler & Co.  If you watch A&E you'd better get takeout from Pickler and Co!!! It will make the shows even better.
Another sandwich we tried was the Rachel: Turkey Pastrami on Rye with sauerkraut and swiss.  David suggested it and tells us it is quite popular; we liked it but we loved the corned beef.  
David orders his American Kobe beef through Baldor (we love their Baldor Bite show!) and sources it from Durham Ranch in Iowa.  It is incredibly flavorful, especially when you choose the option of spicy burger.  On a lovely seeded burger bun you will meet this carnivorous delight further enhanced with jalapeno and pepperjack.  
It is gorgeous darling, but it will not last long once you inhale the sensational aroma enticing you to delicately devour this beauty!
Pickler and Company is Terrific Takeout!
David is a total peach and his coffee alone that he sent us away with trumped the next review we went on!

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