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Thursday, August 11, 2016

HAIR NOW EPISODE TWO! Mover and Shaker Edward Tricomi Updates Peachy Deegan's Cool Layers Making Her Hair Hot for Summer in the City! Always on Target, Edward Continues to Evidence Why He's The Hairstylist Everyone Wants!

There's nothing common about the Edward Tricomi experience, because he is ultimate artist, cross-discipline.  The common person may be "the jack of all trades but master of none"; however, on the contrary, Edward is an person of many talents and if you know him, and we are thrilled to say we do, is master of many arts.  Obvious is his talent for cutting hair: Edward Tricomi defines legend and sets the standard with salons spanning America and Asia where all worship at the altar of the dry cut, his signature.  Edward is musically inclined as well, and will be coming out with a new album this fall, which we look forward to telling you about (Grammys are you reading?!).

Every time we visit Warren Tricomi at The Plaza, we learn something new and interesting about the depth of Edward Tricomi.  Every interesting human around the world is interested in the Olympics right now, and everyone knows archery requires an elite level of hand and eye coordination.  When everyone leaves The Plaza with a new look by Edward, they should consider that haircuts at this level require the same elite level of hand and eye coordination, and that Edward started archery in school and did it at camp.  He still excels in it.  Archery and hair styling also require an overall vision of an ultimate goal, and we always feel our look is on target though we hadn't thought of it that way before.

Edward's been watching the Olympics (check out Megan Musnicki's Laudable Look, Gold Medal Winner US Rowing!)...he says: "I have a crossbow and I have a high powered bow, and I do archery in Upstate New York.  A funny story is that my brother-in-law was over the house and I had a target all the way in the distance, and I started to shoot.  And he said, 'You're not going to be able to hit that target way from here!' I said, what if I get a bulls-eye from here? [it was about half the length a football field].  He says, 'No way are you going to hit that.' I said ok, you want to bet $100? First shot, bulls-eye.  He then says, 'You can't do it again.' [bet raised to double or nothing.] Boom.  I did it again.  He lost! I was laughing."  

We never assign numerical values to our reviews or get into numbers in any way, although thank you to everyone on Twitter that takes an interest.  We feel that quality trumps quantitative numerical values always, and what sets the truly amazing apart is not ever anything numerical: it is a story of how someone got from A to B with many steps inbetween in a journey to excellence.  Whom You Know is about excellence across the board; of course we are hugely interested in hair and fashion, but we are interested in nearly everything that pursues excellence.  A professional athlete of many years said to us, who is excellent in his field but really not so educated in the hairstyling realm, that he could notice how much better our hair looks when Edward does it but could not understand how it got that way and what made Edward so much better.  Edward is so much better because of his intelligence, vision and execution and you have not truly lived until you've had him personally in front of your face with scissors in his hand.  It's living art; imagine if you were a canvas at The Met and you were being painted by a master.

"Let's keep your hair long and work the look!" says Edward, the hair master. "We're going to keep your hair long and trim it and put it back together again.  I like it long.  It looks good on you. Sexy." How's Peachy's hair?  Absolutely fabulous and we're sure even Patsy and Eddy would covet such a look.  This November will mark the two-year anniversary of only Edward styling our hair, and our hairstyle has never been better!

Probably Eloise even visits him...we tweeted Hilary Knight to see if he has drawn her with any new hairstyles.  Peachy's current Twitter profile pictures are both right after Edward did her hair this time.

Here's our new look:

Your hair's future is so bright after a visit to Edward that you're going to need sunglasses.
Here's Episode One of HAIR NOW:

Edward Tricomi, Master Stylist and Co-Founder at Warren-Tricomi Salons
Linda Fargo – “Edward is THE Rock Star of the hair biz. He plays his scissors with as much groove, intuition, precision, finesse and inspired excellence as the Hall of Famer that he is. He created my signature bob and I am his forever!”
Legendary Warren-Tricomi Salons co-founder Edward Tricomi is known for demanding excellence in everything he does. Be it hair, fashion, or music – when Tricomi is involved, perfection isn’t just expected: it’s inevitable.The roots (no pun intended) of his renowned career began after a suggestion from his sister that he try cutting hair to supplement his income as a musician. Growing up, Edward read Vogue religiously, devouring and absorbing the art within it. Moreover, as the grandson of a fashion designer, he was always surrounded and inspired by the world of fashion. Decades later, Edward is perhaps the most iconic and influential hair historian of our era.
Working his first New York City salon job in the 1970s (working with the likes of Bianca Jagger and Salvador Dali) inspired in him an ambition to create his own beauty empire. He began doing editorial hairstyling, landing his unique and innovative work on numerous prominent fashion magazine spreads and covers.

Edward achieved the position of Art Director at the Jaxavier Salon, widely considered to be the epicenter of style at the time. There, Edward was introduced to world famous stylist and Vogue editor Polly Mellen, whose profound influence helped propel his career to the next level. Through mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talent and work, Polly booked Edward to collaborate alongside iconic fashion photographers including Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier and Helmut Newton. Edward also met Deborah Turbeville, with whom he began a 40 yearlong professional relationship, each one inspiring and impacting the other’s illustrious career. The transformational artistic integrity, avant-garde travel and art exposure that Edward’s editorial career afforded him continue to inspire him decades later.

Glowing reviews from fashion photographers and a sparkling reputation prompted fashion designers to take note of Tricomi, who soon began styling the looks for fashion shows for brands including Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Emanuel Ungaro, Calvin Klein, Dior and many other top tier designers around the world. Edward’s innate understanding of hair and fashion coupled with his visionary ideas regarding their potential to intersect in order to enhance one another propelled him to the forefront of the industry.

Working at strong editorial-based salons helped Edward hone (and eventually perfect) his craft, leading to the development of his signature dry-hair precision technique and rapid-fire method of cutting, which is frequently compared to an artist sketching. It also serves as the inspiration for his loving nickname, “Edward Scissorhands.” This unusual style of cutting mimicks the hair’s natural state with ‘perfectly imperfect,’ abstract layers and allows him to see how the cut will look in the hair’s natural state. Edward is known and respected for this intellectualized approach to hair by elevating the process, he is also elevating the result and ability to understand how each haircut needs to be uniquely tailored and designed to suit the individual for whom it is for.
At the top of his game, Edward decided to leave the editorial world and focus on building his namesake salon business. In 1989, he joined forces with colorist Joel Warren to open the first Warren-Tricomi Salon on East 57th Street in New York City. In addition to fashion and music, Edward has a strong passion for architecture his keen artistic eye, understanding of structure, and dedicated passion have lead him to be integral in the design and layout of every single Warren-Tricomi Salon. The original location closed in 2009 when the salon moved to its current flagship local in the iconic and incomparable Plaza Hotel. Each Warren-Tricomi Salon is incredibly unique, with different d├ęcor to reflect the location and personality and essence of the city or neighborhood within which it resides. The brand has a rich history of designing and building some of the most unique salons in the world.

Warren-Tricomi prides itself on being more than just a hair and beauty salon. All stylists trained at Warren-Tricomi are required to study and become experts in not only styling, but also fashion history. It is fundamental to the Warren-Tricomi brand that this extensive knowledge and perspective is present in every single haircut given in their salons. Few other salons can also make this claim, in the same way that few other salons are perpetually and actively on the forefront of beauty and fashion in the way Warren-Tricomi has been for the last 25 years. This significance and influence is evident in many facets of Tricomi’s business, one of which is the fact that they do at least three fashion shows each season, all over the world.

Throughout his prolific career Edward has mentored many well-known stylists including Italo Gregorio, Patrick Melville and Ric Popino. He has worked with virtually every celebrity, including Barbara Streisand, Mick Jagger, Nicky and Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Edward is constantly garnering inspiration from the people he works with: models like Patti Hansen, makeup artists like Pat McGrath and photographers like Roxanne Lowit.

The legacy of Edward and the Warren-Tricomi Salons continue to be a driving force and influential cornerstone of both the beauty and fashion industries. Their cutting-edge techniques, coupled with their deep appreciation and understanding of history and those who have come before and inspired them, enables Edward’s business to be the embodiment of modern fashion and beauty; at once both trendsetting and classic. Yet despite his significant impact and illustrious, celebrated career one esteemed fashion photographer and devoted Warren-Tricomi customer calls Edward a “phenomenon and one of the most talented hair dressers in the world” passionate and devoted beauty pioneer and mogul Edward Tricomi will tell you he’s never worked a day in his life.
Edward Tricomi is a Mover and Shaker:
Since the fall of 2014 Edward has styled Peachy's hair exclusively and you can see the evolution in Salon Peachy:

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