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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Terrific Takeout: Amoun Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

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Open since September 2015, Amoun is owned by Ana Alvarez, whom we worked with at Malaga in 2011:
Though Malaga paid homage to her Spanish background, Amoun, which means god of the sun, is Mediterranean.  At Amoun, all meat is halal and we understand that the freshness standards are high for this philosophy.  We don't remember considering halal before this review, and do not consider religion when reviewing a venue, however, the venue must be welcoming to everyone (especially girls that are Irish Catholic!).
One of the beauties of New York is that it is like a small world.
We began with the grilled octopus which had a solid showing.
Grilled in fresh lemon and olive oil, it was tender and delicious.
We were equally impressed by the freshness, flavor and texture of each the Amoun Hummus, which was perfect consistency, handmade traditional chickpea puree blended with tahini sauce and fresh lemon juice; and the Baba Ghanoush, silky smooth perfect roasted eggplant puree seasoned with tahini sauce and fresh lemon juice.  Coming from someone that stays quite far away from tahini sauce on purpose, you can take this opinion as a high compliment on these two dishes.
Amoun earns high marks on salads: meet the Tomato Feta.  Tomato, cucumber, black olives, feta cheese and evoo comprise a lovely arrangement of Mediterranean nutrition.
The Fattoush salad was refreshing, and you must try this incarnation if you have never had it.  A mixture of greens, tomato, cucumber, radish, green pepper, onion, and mint, it is additionally highlighted by sumac spice which gives it a kick.
We love it when dinner looks like a present to open.
Meet the vegetarian paella, which has an especially laudable presentation.
Seasonal vegetables, onion, and saffron rice team up for a simple dish that is wonderful for the season.
The salad we liked best is named Andaluz: fresh avocado tossed with napa orange segments, almonds, olives and lemon and olive oil dressing.
The beef malaga is the strongest entree at Amoun.  It is a warm, comfort dinner of broiled beef tips and marinated shrimp that rest upon a creamy mushroom sauce served with amoun rice.  The ideal bite-sized pieces are just delicious.
Amoun is Terrific Takeout.

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