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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Brave the Cold: Luna & Terra Milano Scarf in Steel Blue and Ivory Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

You should know that when the temperatures drop, sometimes the Best of Manhattan is manufactured in Peru and designed in Texas.  And, you should probably not mess with Texas and we do not want to mess with being cold.  Peachy HATES to ever be cold.  Or tired. Or hungry.  But everyone probably knows she's not very hungry very often!
Luna and Terra has proved that they are a brand without a sophomore act; we like them just as much in their second feature.
Previously they were featured:
and we'd suggest pairing those with this scarf.  Some winter scarves are ridiculous, however, this one is pure class especially when you consider the width of these stripes.  We haven't asked her but we think Mariella is Italian and you know how great the Italians are at design.
Infused with cross patterned stripes and accented with misty fringes, this Milano Scarf is gorgeous, boasting supremely soft 100% baby alpaca yarns. 
Colors available in Ebony/Ivory, Steel Blue/Ivory, and Oxford Gray/Ivory
100% Baby Alpaca (not a blend). Baby Alpaca fiber is the denomination that is given to the first shearing of 3 year old Adult Alpacas (not babies) from the underside of the neck area. We suggest sending it to Hallak the Couture Cleaner!
Hand wash with special wool detergent in warm water and lay flat to dry. Baby Alpaca actually becomes softer and warmer the more you handle and wash it. With proper care it will last a long, long time!
Dimensions: 61″ + 4″ fringe L x 16″ W

It was love at first site when they met 17 years ago and they have been inseparable ever since. She studied and worked as a Fashion Designer for 21 years, gaining invaluable experience in the fashion Industry. Mariella has a career marked by passion for creation and design, always dedicated to seeking perfection. She’s described by her clients as having a keen eye for impeccable lines, quality fabrics, exquisite hand finishes and a flawless approach to beauty. Charles studied Business, worked for more than 25 years in Corporate Management and International Commerce and always had this desire of working together.

One day, they decided to join their passion and careers and start LUNA & TERRA, which means Moon & Earth in Latin. Luna symbolizes an endless source of inspiration and Terra represents their commitment to protect and conserve the environment.

In their collections you are going to find the most luxurious garments, made with the finest fibers that Mother Nature provides, establishing that a fashion company can also be environmentally conscious.  
Their products are original, rich in detail, and are very high quality, pursuing the art of the craft!

LUNA & TERRA is designed and crafted for eco-conscious people who seek impeccable craftsmanship. Our garments are produced ethically using natural fibers that are environmentally friendly. Our commitment to sustainability is defined by creating products responsibly, working with 100% renewable materials. We are concern about our relation with Mother Nature.  
When we discovered fashion is the second polluting industry in the world after oil, we saw an opportunity to make a difference developing ethical products made for a sustainable future.

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