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Monday, November 7, 2016

Peachy Picks Patrizia's of Manhattan Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

The fabulous owners: mother Antonietta Alaio and son Antonio Alaio
From the sensational Grilled Vegetables to the Seafood selections you will be impressed!

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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Antonietta!
The third time's a charm, and we're pleased to announce that Patrizia's has earned a spot in Peachy's Picks.
It was first featured a year ago:
and we were so impressed we returned soon after for a feature on their pizza specifically:
If you live near Manhattan but not in Manhattan, you may have heard of their multiple other locations.  We always visit the Manhattan location of course, and the style and competition here is unrivaled in America.  Many restaurants from other places near here come to Manhattan and are not successful because they are not tuned into the finer points and differences, but Antonietta is sharp and completely does; there is a deep ownership team at Patrizia's overall and she's in charge in Manhattan.
Whenever she's asked what kind of wine she'd like to drink, you know who answers in the affirmative strong red from Italy.  We were happy with Patrizia's selection.
As an appetizer, Peachy opted for the terrifically flavorful Grilled Vegetables.  Eggplant, zucchini, red bell peppers, portobello mushrooms, and romaine - all organic - teamed up for a plate of color and nutrition that will wow you too.  Open since April 2015, Patrizia's has 190 seats and is extremely spacious for Manhattan, which you will love.  No one is sitting on top of each other here.
For a green salad, Peachy Deegan chose the classic Mixed Greens, which were exactly as you'd want them to be.  Every component was fresh and like the grilled vegetables, they are also organic we were told.  Cucumber, tomato, red onion and balsamic announced less is more and we quite concur.  They listen to you at Patrizia's and will put the dressing on the side if your little heart desires that.
Having fulfilled her "healthy" she moved onto the pasta, which we absolutely love at this venue.  Pasta is made on premises at Patrizia's and don't let the casual atmosphere of this restaurant color your opinion of the competitive, high quality of the pasta.  Fettuccine Alfredo is heavenly creamy goodness that you will simply revel in.  It silenced someone you know.  If it were here right now we'd eat it for breakfast.
Antonietta is in it to win it and suggested we also try the Fioretti Boscaiola: four stuffed cheese pasta, portobello, prosciutto, green peas and blush cream.  It tasted exactly as amazing as it sounds and looks in the above picture and the combination here is brilliant; the flavors marry well.
The depth of the menu at Patrizia's is to be commended and as an entree, Peachy chose the Grilled Seafood.  Grilled calamari, filet of sole, and grilled shrimp danced around cherry tomatoes, olives, and microgreens.  It was refreshing, delicious and fresh.  What we love about Patrizio's the most is the great food, top quality ingredients and the sparkling personalities behind the brand.  The upbeat atmosphere is versatile and can be great for an uber-casual date or a family meal.  It goes without saying that the service is impeccable if we are recommending a venue, especially a third time.  Patrizio's began in 1992 in East Tremont and we think they will kill it in Manhattan.  Everything we have tried here has impressed us.
The tiramisu is the perfect conclusion and if you are a fan of Nutella, you should know that Patrizia's excels in Nutella pizza in their signature star shape:
Our esteemed panelist adds:
Patrizia’s of Manhatta is owned by the Alaio family and on arrival we received a warm friendly greeting by Antonietta Alaio who gave us a very warm welcome and showed us to our table. She introduced us to her son, Antonio Alaio, who was also very engaging. I quickly had the impression that nothing was too much trouble for these proud owners in their efforts for us to enjoy our experience at their restaurant.
I chose a Cabernet Savignon by James of California to accompany my food; this red wine was rich, dense, with a nice fruity finish, ideal and diverse to accompany the wide range of fare I was going to be eating.
The menu is extensive and varied, for the appetizer I chose the “Burrata Amalfitana” which comprises of Fresh Burrata cheese, (made fresh every morning), Parma Ham, Tomato, Flatbreads, Arugula, Fennel Salad and Capatona. The latter was an intriguing mix of Olives, Capers and Celery which was a delicious blend of sweet and savory, soft and crunchy. This was the “star” of the plate and a wonderful start to the whole experience.
The “Caesar Salad” was huge, Croutons, Shaved Parmigiano Cheese, with a Caesar dressing. This was quite simply the best Caesar Salad I have ever tasted, the tasty dressing with the crunchy croutons, the portion was too big to eat all of it but so what, take it to go and continue to enjoy this tasty salad at home! 
For the Pasta course I chose “Spaghetti Meatballs”, which comprised of Marinara sauce, Basil and Parmigiana Cheese. The meatballs were a mix of beef and veal and blended with the sauce, created a wonderful fusion with the meatball’s robust flavor and the hearty and flavorful marinara sauce. The side plate of “Fioretti Boscaiola” which is Four Cheese Stuffed homemade pasta, which they make on site every morning Portobello, Prosciutto, Green Peas, Blush Cream. This was heavenly; it has a fresh, melt in the mouth taste and certainly one I would recommend when you visit this establishment. 
Having thoroughly enjoyed the preceding courses, for the EntrĂ©e I decided to select the boldly named “Patrizia Classic” which is the only meal they actually put their name to. I certainly was not disappointed, the Filet of Sole and Shrimp Oreganata over a bed of spinach was an absolute delight. The Sole was cooked to perfection, extremely flavorful, moist and mouthwatering. Superbly accompanied by the Shrimp and Spinach. If you love seafood this is a must!
For dessert I went for the “Toasted Almond Cake” This luxuriously smooth yet crusty cake was delicious and delicate not overly sweet and was a delightful way of completing my Patrizia’s of Manhattan experience.
Throughout the evening the service was excellent and the staff extremely attentive, in fact nothing was too much trouble for them and the Alaio family, who are rightly proud of their establishment and the tremendous food they serve. If you like authentic Italy cuisine, Patrizia’s of Manhattan is a must. It was my first visit there but it certainly will not be my last!

Peachy Picks Patrizia's!
Patrizia's is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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