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Friday, November 25, 2016

Pickler and Co. Fall 2016 Our Coverage Sponsored by Bergen Linen

The fabulous Chicken Salad lounging on Arugula!
You know the turkey sandwich you made can't smile this big!
"Happy Thanksgiving season!  Each season, we try to order off the greenmarket schedule to enhance our classic offerings and change the menu monthly.  Brussel sprouts, cranberries and portobello mushrooms are current seasonal accents and our vegetarian menu is expanding in upcoming months to include a veggie burger.  The fall turkey sandwich is our homage to American Thanksgiving."
-Owner David Lowenstein

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In this world, there are delis, and then there are New York delis.
There are New York delis, then there are MANHATTAN delis.
Manhattan is the Olympics of fabulous cuisine in case this is your first time reading!
We have not published on that many delis, and we loved and published on Carnegie Deli for years but now they are going to close.
Know what opened and is NOT going to close?
Know where everyone in the United Nations goes for lunch?
Know where the head honchos of A&E take a break for a bite and they even discuss with Peachy at galas at The Plaza sipping champagne what they are going to order next from this place?
Where is David Lowenstein's new spot: Pickler and Co.!
He's in it to win it and he even changes his menu monthly.
Batman we hope you are reading and note that Pickler is not a villain.
It was first featured this summer:
We don't ever order chicken salad on purpose.
We bet you cannot find a time when we ever ordered chicken salad.
Who knows what the common restaurant owner could put in it!  Eeeew and probably Jimmy Fallon's Sara (NO H!) would agree.
This is the uncommon restaurant owner and new for fall is the best chicken salad we've had.
Of course it is from BALDOR (they know how to do everything right) we are told and this boiled Amish chicken will rock your tastebuds.  You will never have great chicken salad without fantastic chicken of course.
We also adored the garlic mayo (obviously made from scratch), radish, pickle juice, dried cranberries, red onion, jalapeno, and celery.  The peppercorns were especially exploding with flavor and enhanced this winner.
Know what is better than your leftover turkey?
FRESH sandwiches made with David's Applegate turkey.  This is their best-seller this fall: Smoked Turkey Brie on Herb Foccacia, ridiculously amazing.
Paired with house cranberry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts sourced from the green market and tossed in a dijon vinaigrette, word is out that this is the bird to eat.
It's also perfectly pressed.
Another hot menu item is this Turmeric Ginger Chai.  If you love fall flavor and Chai, you will love this.  And, one of the best open sandwiches we've seen:
We would have shook the hand of the Portobello Tartine but it did not live long enough.
The Portobello mushrooms arrive in style from the local green market and it's paired with sublime mozzarella, arugula, sundried tomato spread and pickled onion.  No wonder why Peachy loved it - it is kind of like a pizza!
We love coffee, strong and done well with skim milk.  Pickler and Co. uses counterculture and it is terrific.  And they have Cow Milk (the only milk that gets near Peachy, who does not like weird) and they even have skim for Ms. Super Picky.
A regular winner on the menu that we met for the first time was the quintessential ham and cheese on rye.  The second half of it lived about two blocks past Pickler.  Applegate Ham and Swiss on Rye absolutely hit the spot, especially when you consider that superlative garlic mayo, which David could sell separately in grocery stores we think.  We want to order the mayo by itself and for the record we love mayo, and also County Mayo in Ireland.
Pickler and Co. is Highly Recommended.
A&E says so too.  And they surprised us on this visit too coming up behind us when we were quoting David!  If we see them there next time we are not leaving until they agree to do a food tv show from there.

We look forward to telling you about what they do next.

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