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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dianne and Elisabeth Winter 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

From the Bay Scallop Pasta, above, to the Boneless Beef Short Rib, below, Dianne and Elisabeth continue to impress Manhattan tremendously
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We are proud to say that one of our friends is the creator of one of Manhattan's hot new restaurants, and with a strong second showing, Dianne and Elisabeth evidence that their commitment to quality and fine dining shine brightly on Tenth Avenue. 
They make it a perfect ten.
Dianne and Elisabeth earned their inaugural feature in September 2016:
We were thrilled to return and it is clear they are in it to win it.
Charlie Marshall with The Marshal first and Dianne and Elisabeth second (in the order of their opening) is setting the edible world of Manhattan on fire with his talent and earned a spot on our top restaurant list this month:
One of life's great pleasures is deciding what you are going to eat that Charlie creates, and the West Coast's loss was the East Coast's gain when Charlie moved to New York from Washington State
.  No one needs to tell him that he should change his menu because it is snowing out.  We've worked with him long enough now to be convinced he knows everything in culinary endeavors and we know we are the first to review Dianne and Elisabeth and we believe we were one of the first to review The Marshal.  His parents must be super proud as The Marshal is named for his dad and Dianne and Elisabeth is named for his mom.
We've had some very chilly days this winter, and nothing is better than hot soup on a cold day.  You will revel in the winter perfection of the Cream of Broccoli and Cheddar Soup embellished with swimming crostinis who do a perfect backfloat.  They were made on premises too.   Thick, warm, flavorful and ultimately comforting, this soup is a wonderful commencement to your Dianne and Elisabeth experience.
Burrata is fabulous any time of year, and Charlie makes us all proud to be AMERICAN because he sources his from the Hudson Valley.  It's not only the Italians who can make burrata!  However, the lovely drizzle of balsamic aged two years is from Modena.  Heirloom tomatoes in a variance of varieties, colors and sizes come to the burrata party that you want to celebrate.  We would be lying if we said we did not miss the peaches that came with it last time!  Obviously, we are pro-peach in an enormous way but sadly they are out of season.
The Hearts of Romaine Caesar salad is a modern classic and still, this has by far the most amazing crouton we've had in our lives.  Boston Lettuce, Cheese Cage, Reggiano and that Giant Buttered Crouton will meet your salad goals and your palate deliciousness desires.
The Bay Scallop Pasta is our single most favorite reason to go to Dianne and Elisabeth right this second!  We fell in love with the lightly seared bay scallops, which are the last word in seafood delicacy.  They team up with lobster cream sauce, buffalo milk spaccatelli pasta and parmesean to create a decadent dinner that calls your name loudly, in the nicest tone possible.
Pictures really do not do this dish justice.  It's absolutely delicious!  You must have it.
If you are in the mood for something to much on while you sip one of their stellar wines, we suggest the Roasted Cream Kale dip, another singular sensation.  Phillips farm kale, cream, parmesean, garlic and crostini make this a particularly warm and satisfying plate to crave with a texture contrast that is enticing with the dip to crostini.  If you are ordering takeout during a game, this is totally elevated game food.  Who needs wings and beer when you can have wine and this.
A sublime side that announces winter is the Harissa Roasted Cauliflower, a wonder of the garden that you should endeavor to meet.  Of course, Dianne and Elisabeth capture Charlie Marshall's farm-to-table philosophy.  It is highlighted with cumin which gives it flavor without making you a fire-breathing dragon from over-spiciness.  Toasted Caraway Cream is the perfect touch.
If you are Mr. or Ms. Carnivorous, you will be absolutely thrilled with the juicy tenderness found in the Boneless Beef Short Rib sourced from Arcadian Pastures or Fleishers Meat.  Joined by potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts, this succulent beef rib rises to perfection with the perfect dollop of horseradish cream sauce.  
"The response to our opening has been great; we were hoping we'd be a great addition to the neighborhood and it appears that we are," says Owner and Executive Chef Charlie Marshall.  "We're proud to have a mixed clientele representative of the diversity of Hell's Kitchen as a neighborhood with our American shared plates and large plates."
Dianne and Elisabeth should be high on your list of where to eat now!  We look forward to telling you what they do next.
644 10th Avenue (between 45th and 46th Street)
New York, NY 10036
(917) 472-7808

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