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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Peachy's Got It In the Bag with Born in Britain: Charlton Hobo Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! We are Thrilled to Kick Off Coverage of this Amazing New English Brand

Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge, is not the only one in the world making having a baby fashionable.  Drumroll please, please meet Katie Riding, founder of Born in Britain, a fellow Englishwoman - and a rose by the same name does smell as sweet in this case.  We think even Shakespeare would agree.  You are not going to believe this is a baby bag, but it is.  We are of the recent opinion that Born in Britain create the most gorgeous baby bags in the world.  

Why should having baby essentials to tote around dictate that you must schlub around with horrible designs that are poorly executed?  Katie Riding has changed this industry, and her leather bags of Born in Britain are a total must if you are having a baby, and are also the perfect gift for the next baby shower you are going to.  Also, they are unisex: a plus.  It is not easy to find classy, tasteful bags in general and even harder to find them in a baby bag version.  Babies and young children are highly impressionable and it is important to surround them with the best style as early as possible!  Their immersion in beauty will enlighten the world in years to come.

First please meet the Charlton Hobo, which we adore most in the shade of Berry.  
Born In Britain’s signature style, the Charlton Hobo combines polished looks with practicality. Made from 100% luxurious natural grain leather that ages beautifully over time, this style can comfortably hold life’s essentials whilst still allowing a discreet and fuss free nappy change.  
The Charlton features their signature rear change compartment which means that any nappy change will be a simple process.   Katie eliminates the
 need to look through the larger main compartment: all nappies, wipes, bags and the super comfy oversized change mat are stored in the rear zip pocket.  What a smart girl.  The Charlton is a
 classic style which can be carried on the shoulder or across the body with contrast handle and across body strap.  We love having options in life.

The Charlton Hobo received two prestigious awards, a Silver award at the 2016 Junior Design Awardsand a Gold award in the Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2016 - Luxury Changing Bag category.

External Features Include: A full length outer slip pocket, gold tone hardware, detachable across body strap and discreet branding.

Internal Features Include: High quality grosgrain lining,

2 insulated bottle holders, 2 internal leather trimmed slip pockets, a Leather Key holder, Zip pocket and Mobile Phone pocket.

Signature Zip Around back section contains:

A Leather trimmed nappy pocket, Deep elasticated Pocket for gels/hand creams, a Leather trimmed nappy bag pocket, an elasticated wet wipe holder and an extra wide ‘pop off’ change mat.

Colours Available: Tan / Black, Berry/Black and Midnight Black. All of the colours have a duck egg internal lining.  Peachy Deegan would say the colors all have that Tiffany blue inside that you know and love.  

Length 36.5cm Width 11.5cm Height 33cm


Born In Britain have drawn on their years of experience in creating fashion handbags for some of the biggest high street stores in the UK creating a stylish range of practical bags that fulfill the needs of the modern mother.  
Each bag contains all the essential features required for a day out with a placid newborn or a rampaging toddler whist remaining highly fashionable.  
All of the bags in the range feature the signature changing pocket at the rear which houses the over-sized changing mat, nappy pocket and wipe holder. 

The bags are large enough to hold all the baby equipment you would need but as the wipes, nappies and change mat are held in the rear pocket, the main compartment has plenty of room for drinks bottles, phone, car keys, iPad, laptop, kids toys, purse...
Even with a bag full to the brim, nappy changes are made easy. 
Simply put the bag down, unzip the rear pocket, fold out the mat and put down the baby. 
Everything needed is at your fingertips without having to rummage through the main compartment.  
Winning several industry awards, The Charlton Hobo has been awarded a silver medal in the 2016 Junior Design Awards and also a Gold award in the Luxury Changing Bag category in the Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2016 awards. Both are voted for by industry journalists and bloggers as well as some celebrity parents, these awards are a fantastic mark of recognition for the hobo. 

The Wyn Tote has been awarded the Bronze medal in the Project Baby 2016 awards - Changing Bag Over £150 catagory. This award was judged by real mums and dads rather than industry journalists.

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