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Thursday, February 23, 2017

In Manhattan: Flinders Lane Winter 2017 by Chris McPherson and Chris Rendell - STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT THE AUSTRALIANS ARE COMING! Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Our friends Executive Chef and Owner Chris Rendell above and Host and Owner Chris McPherson below of the fabulous Flinders Lane, a brilliant culinary homage to Melbourne, Australia their hometown and DRUMROLL PLEASE, THEY ARE OPENING SOON IN STAMFORD CONNECTICUT!
Peachy Deegan with the cutting edge of delicious!

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 The number one reason for traveling to the East Village is without a doubt Flinders Lane and the talents of Chris Rendell and Chris McPherson are the best two reasons why.  The Australian culinary endeavors always rank among the most competitive of all Manhattan restaurants and though we do not officially grade anyone on personality, of course if you have sparkling ones that does make dinner taste even better.
As avid readers know, Peachy Deegan is not a New Yorker.
Peachy is from CONNECTICUT.
And the most exciting thing to ever hit the state in terms of restaurants in many years is that these guys are opening very soon on Summer Street in Stamford, Connecticut.
Certainly, we will keep you apprised of this new endeavor.
"I think for us the nostalgic Australian comfort cuisine that is intrinsic to our Australian upbringing suits the Manhattan palate for the winter season," comments Chris McPherson.  "Curry laska, steak and mushroom pie, and sausage rolls all exemplify this and we look forward to seeing you as our guests."
 Flinders Lane was most recently featured in the Summer of 2016 on Whom You Know:
 It was first featured in early 2015:
 Sourced from the vendor Down East, this Tuna Sashimi was a firework of a start!  The combinations are succulent and interesting to invigorate your appetite but will not turn it one bit.  You're not going to believe how much you'll adore Chinese Salted Black Beans (fermented) that team up with that uberfresh Tuna and a spectacular lime vinaigrette.  Soft, refreshing, and healthy, this fish has a nice crunchy contrast with the crisp taro that comes to the party on a plate.  Taro of course is a root vegetable kind of like a yam.  In the good weather this tuna swims in from Block Island but these days it is coming from the Carolinas or Florida.
 The most perfect Green Salad is found at Flinders Lane.  Note we never edit pictures and it does look this great in person in their light on their plate and it really is that green and fresh.  The bite-sized pieces are perfectly dressed in a sublime vinaigrette just right-lightly.
This is an essential component to a successful dinner. 
 One of the best steaks you can eat right now in Manhattan is not in fact at a steakhouse: it is at Flinders Lane.  Grilled Hanger Steak is highly competitive with its outstanding flavor and juicy perfection, which we absolutely reveled in.  Sauteed mushrooms, shallot jus and fat chips (potatoes, silly!) are the ideal companions to this fabulous carnivorous endeavor.  We could eat this every day and be quite happy.
 Only the most extremely talented chefs can get us to like something that we do not like one bit.  Ever ever ever.
There is only one place in the world where we have eaten anything tofu and liked it and it is at Flinders Lane.  Peachy love love loves green beans but was a bit taken aback when she saw on the menu that they might be murdered by tofu.  Chris McPherson explained to her that this was Whipped Tofu and she might think it's like sour cream.  Of course, like everything else he's suggested over time he was spot-on correct and this is the only tofu you should ever eat and you are going to LOVE IT.  Sesame also comes to the green bean soiree. 
Finally, for our fish entree we chose the sublime Barbecued Mackerel, delivered daily from Florida, testament to the freshness the two Chris's are committed to.  We don't know too many places that get seafood deliveries seven days a week.  This poisson of sophistication is a cornucopia of color and delicious fresh flavor from the pizazz of the pickled red onion to the perfect kick of dill to the hearty potato salad, fragrant mustard seeds and of course triumphant mackerel itself, which boasts incredible barbecue flavor upon its intrinsic freshness.  Also Lilly Pultizer if you are reading up there note the pink and green combination!
Flinders Lane is both highly consistent and highly excellent, and could not be more authentic as both owners are from Melbourne.
 Sticky date pudding with palm sugar ice cream (that's right, direct from a Palm Tree!) is the absolute perfect dessert that will leave a fabulous lasting impression.
Connecticut, get excited!!!!  You'll be the first to know and we hope we are the first to tell you.
Flinders Lane is among our favorites and it is Highly Recommended.

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