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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kiss My Slice Pizza Winter 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Bergen Linen

Donna Ryan of Kiss My Slice Pizza

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Valentine's Day might be over but the kisses for 2017 are just getting started!
And the absolute best thing to kiss in New York right this minute is without a doubt Kiss My Slice pizza.  It's our firm expectation that upon return to a venue, we will will have just as fabulous an experience as the first time.
This was not the case here.
It is the rare exception that we have an EVEN BETTER TIME the second time and that is the case here.  Owned by the brilliant Dano Weiss, Kiss My Slice has some of the best components that a pizza place can have from incredible crust to the tomato sauce of your dreams to the freshest components available to enhance them.  And he has Donna Ryan, his secret weapon.  We bet you cannot remember a post where we picture someone other than the owner because we can't remember doing it recently.
Their house salad is just like you want a salad to be: fresh vegetables that crunch, cut up into small bite-sized pieces and we even liked their salad dressing.  It was just as great as the Greek Salad which we tried before.
They were first featured last summer:
Sure you have to be spectacular at pizza, but what else can you do?
The best sandwich we have had in ages is the Spinach Roll with Feta which Dano told us we must try.  We hate when owners tell us we must try something and we don't like it and they are bragging for no good reason.  This does happen and believe us, we do not tell you then.
We like to decide what we think will be good, but if you want to decide, you'd better be right!
Dano has every right to sing the praises of this super fresh soft crust screaming succulent spinach and feta flown in from Greece to make your day.  
If you want to take an afternoon nap this is so soft it could be your pillow which you could then eat.  We wish we could hit a button and turn our pillow into this sandwich because it is hard to look at it and not be eating it.  Also they intelligently put marinara on the side to dip this wonder in, which is another excellent idea.  Ask for at least 2 marinaras because this is the dip to dip into.
  It's glamour close-up:
We tried a winning side of meatballs straight, and the meatballs are golf-ball sized that want to just make a hole in one to your stomach, so get out your fork putter.  They are crafted from pork and just hit the spot.  Note this component is not heavy on bread should you be aiming to fit into your next cocktail dress soon.
The vast majority of pizzas we eat have vegetables exclusively on them for both nutritional and cocktail-dress fitting reasons, and we actually do like the taste of cooked vegetables.  However, we took a walk on the wild side this time because we were intrigued by the name of lasagna pizza.  If you also loved reading Garfield growing up you know lasagna is his favorite and we wish we had him to eat this with us.  Many pizza places come up with overly creative combinations that frankly are not that great once you start eating them, but this strikes the balance between interesting and delicious perfectly.
As per usual, we ordered a large and this is emblazoned with ricotta cheese, pork sausage, fresh basil, fresh pizza sauce and your tastebuds will be completely tantalized.  We dreamed about this crust after eating it the first time and literally Peachy Deegan got out of bed and made her dreams come true along with a leftover piece that sprinted into the microwave for the stomach to send the message to her brain that the dream was realized.
What are you waiting for!!?!
Go see Dano and Donna.
Garfield, we're talking to you.
We look forward to sharing with you the exciting developments of this terrific brand that we hope to see more great things from soon!

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