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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mamagyro Winter 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Ioanna Giannopoulos, most charming and absolute cutest restaurant owner so far in 2017!

Meet the Mamagyro family: George (grandfather), Stella (grandmother), Vicki (mother) and Ioanna (star daughter)!

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 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we are so glad to know the Likitaskos/Giannopoulos family, who have been making Greece proud in Manhattan since George Likitaskos arrived on its shores in 1966.  He met his wife, Stella, when she started working for him in his food business of yesteryear and this family excels in Greek specialties that will wow you tremendously.  Do not be fooled by the casual nature as the taste is all white-tablecloth, pinkie out.  They are committed to authenticity and quality and they even opened a second Mamagyro in February of 2016 at 165 East 106th Street.  We visited the original Upper East side location at 1113 Lexington for our second visit. 
Mama Gyro was first featured in December 2015:
Our second visit was no sophomore act, and we began with the thrillingly moist, delicious homemade spanakopita which is just perfect for a cold winter day.  It is the epitome of delicious and ranks high among all spinach pies we've tried over the last eight years; we love this dish by the Greeks.  A bastion of fresh spinach, dill, feta and scallion will entice you to order this again and again.  You should be sad that it cannot jump out of the computer right now to be your lunch but now you know where to go.
 We are also big fans of Tzatziki: greek yogurt dip with cucumbers, dill, garlic, sea salt and olive oil.  We cannot overemphasize the quality of the yogurt employed throughout all of their dishes: there is no mayo or sour cream.  It is pure, delicious yogurt. 
 Drumroll please!  
If you are super American like Peachy Deegan, you're going to have a hard time ignoring the spectacular Mama's Burger, a quintessential cheeseburger gyro of New York.
 Made with the fabulous Pat LaFrieda beef, the Mama's Burger we chose to have on a whole wheat pita and it is just fabulous with the feta cheese, imported from Greece.  Lettuce and tomato also come to this winner that will absolutely hit the spot.
 The new Mama's Salad was a beacon of spring in the dead of winter and has some of the freshest salad components we've seen this season.  We chose to add the phenomenal rotisserie chicken accent to it and would do that again and recommend you do so too.  The kale base is embellished by chopped romaine, beets, chickpeas, green pepper, carrot, tomato and roasted red pepper and is a total nutritious delight.
 We absolutely adored the Tzatziki Dressing!
The color of the pictures evidence the freshness; they as always are unedited. 
The marketing department is in great hands with Ioanna as looking at her enjoy her family's cuisine makes you want to enjoy it too.  Do not miss the best yogurt we have EVER had in New York: their mixed berry with local honey, raspberries and blackberries. 
 You are going to fall in love with the creamy, quality desserts from the Mama's Greek Yogurt, above suggested by Stella to the simple Rice Pudding below which boasts tremendous texture and flavor.  Sour cherry from Greece and homemade baklava enhance the above.
Mamagyro continues to be Highly Impressive!

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