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Friday, April 7, 2017

Get Ready for the Weekend with UMBRELLAS HAWAII by ANNIE O'CONNOR HUGHES of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA! April Showers Bring May Flowers, but Too Much Sun Is Not Good For You! So, Whom You Know is Glad to Be Introducing Umbrellas Hawaii: Perfect to Shield You Against Aging and Damage from the Sun and Fashionable As Well!

April is finally here, but in the Northeast of America it feels like winter is coming and then it is going (even both within an afternoon, like yesterday!) and last weekend, it felt like summer with Peachy Deegan peeling off not only her jacket mid-day but also her sweater and only wearing a smart shirt (of course by Mover and Shaker Donna Degnan!) for the first time in 2017.  
Though we're always glad to hear someone mistake Peachy for a college student, compliments like that are not going to come forever....unless you know people like Annie O'Connor Hughes.  And we don't know if she has red hair or not, but since we don't want our haircolor or skin damaged by the sun, we are glad to introduce her to you.
Drumroll please...these are not ordinary umbrellas.
They could shield you from a light shower, however, these are meant for SUNNY DAYS!
And hopefully, those are not too far away but we are thankful that Whom You Know has a strong international reach, so it is always winter or summer somewhere where our readers are.

`Umbrellas Hawaii’ was launched in 2008 by artist/designer Annie O’Connor Hughes. Her mission was to create a tropical styled `sun-umbrella’ to protect the skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure, and she has impressed us.  The `sun-umbrellas’ are made with `UPF 50+ ‘ solid color fabrics, in combination with tropical motif designed fabrics that are both fun and classy concurrently. `UPF 50+’ ( ultra-violet protective factor ) means that the fabrics block 97% of UVA & UVB radiation from the sun. They have been rigorously tested & certified in accordance with AATCC 183, ASTMD6544, ASTMD6603, fabric testing associations. These `sun-umbrellas’ carry this hangtag of rating certification. The `UPF’ fabrics have a durable water repellency also.

They use a lightweight `fiberglass’ frame, which is stronger and more flexible than metal.  It opens and closes well and has not bitten off any of Peachy's fingers, like lesser parasols or umbrellas could and have.  The wooden handle & shaft is custom artisan tooled to resemble bamboo. The canopy arch is 36”, and the length of the umbrella from tip to the end of the handle is 29”. They fit easily into overhead airplane bins for travelers.  
Annie does all the creative design specifications and purchasing of island style fabrics in Hawaii, where she has lived for 30 years. She hand-designed her `Umbrellas Hawaii’ brand logo , which has been made into a colorful woven label which is attached to the `closure strap’ of the sun-umbrella. There is a woven `wrist strap’ attached to the handle for carrying convenience when closed. The manufacturing is done in China.
We are definitely ready for more of a summer feeling, and we bet you are too!
Umbrellas Hawaii is Recommended by Whom You Know!

Annie tells Whom You Know:
I launched our brand in 2008 @ `The Great Aloha Run’ in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a `marathon run’ event for various charities in the islands. So that was my first exposure. I step into the public for just a couple of local events each year such as at ` The Queen Emma Summer Palace’ or `The Merry Monarch Festival’ on the Big island. And i donate my `sun-umbrellas’ to various fund raisers in the islands such as `American Cancer Society- Hile office’, `Habilitat Hawaii’ , `Japanese Cultural Center’ and others.

The idea was originally inspired in 2006 when I was experiencing sun damage skin problems. As a porcelain potter & tile artist for many years, I was naturally drawn to a creative challenge. That being, how to protect my skin from overexposure to the tropical sun, without having to apply sunscreen everyday.

Here in Honolulu, we see umbrellas being used all the time for sun protection. With my research into fabrics, I realized regular rain umbrellas were not blocking UV radiation.
I was fortunate to find in my research the `UPF 50+’ ’ fabrics, and the completed idea blossomed. As an artist I wanted to make a beautiful, but a very functional product that reflects my love of the island life. So, the vibrant tropical fabrics we have here in Hawaii were a natural fit for my idea.

My `sun-umbrellas’ are sold in Hawaii in several shops, but my online presence is the main marketplace. I wear all the hats in my business, and so have direct contact with my customers, who greatly appreciate the personal touch. It means a lot to me as well , knowing that people are enjoying and benefitting from my creation. We have been selling some of our selections on `Amazon’ for 4 years now, and have sold `sun-umbrellas’ to individuals in almost all of the 50 states. Plus we have occasionally sold to other countries, but the cost to ship outside of the US from Hawaii though is a bit much.

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