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Monday, April 3, 2017

Mozzarella e Vino Spring 2017 by Gianfranco Sorrentino and Vito Gnazzo Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

makes bad days great and great ones phenomenal!

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Spring is here!
Fashion steps out on Fifth Avenue, the flowers are growing on Park Avenue and the mozzarella is in full bloom at Mozzarella e Vino.  Just kidding.  The mozzarella is ALWAYS in bloom at Mozzarella e Vino because our friends Gianfranco Sorrentino of Napoli and Vito Gnazzo from Salerno import it from Italy via their ABC brand: 
Mozzarella e Vino has brilliantly invested in the ABC Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Coop Allevatori Bufalini Casertani. This means it is better and fresher than anywhere else.  If we wake up in heaven someday we hope it is surrounded by piles of their burrata.
Mozzarella e Vino was last featured in the Summer of 2016:
This venue has an all-star bread basket in keeping with the high caliber fare and wine, and we'd suggest the Supertuscan which is in a word, brilliant.  
In this world, there is Seafood Salad and then there's Gianfranco and Vito's Seafood Salad.  This is akin to saying there are cars, and then there are Ferraris, but you know you can't eat a Ferrari.  We order this regularly and every time it is off-the-charts fresh and of the highest caliber calamari, mussels and shrimp.  Also highly consistent, the array of crustaceans dances over organic frisee, arugula and oven-dried cherry tomatoes with evoo, lemon and parsley dressing.  It is an absolutely gorgeous arrangement and will have you anticipating summer strongly.
Under Antipasti, we absolutely recommend the Classic tasting that includes from left to right:
Buffalo Mozzarella, the Classic you ought to know and love
Burrata, what Peachy Deegan hopes to wake up in in heaven someday
Buffalo Provola, a smoked version that is incredibly enticing and edgy
There are a lot of trendy wine bars with small plates that will come and go, but none will be better than this modern classic.  Like many younger siblings in life, Mozzarella e Vino benefits from the oldest sibling, Il Gattopardo and the middle child, The Leopard at Des Artistes because the restaurant parents have everything just right and we're honored to have worked with them going back to 2010.  If you like wine bars, you will not find a better one than Mozzarella e Vino.
When she grocery shops at specialty food stores as a regular person because she is crazy for fresh mozzarella and absolutely must have it, Peachy is the one poking and prodding the wrapper on every freshly made mozzarella to see which is the softest, freshest, and most like what we eat here.  To be honest we are mostly disappointed with what they produce when you compare them to here.  Mozzarella e Vino is a showroom for fresh mozzarella and your tastebuds need a test drive.
Though you could live on mozzarella and wine, it would be good to add variety and they of course do so with their menu.  Meet the most sophisticated lasagna in Manhattan!  "Lasagna al forno" is the baked lasagna of the day and it is well-layered and boasts a high standard of authenticity.  The smoky buffalo provola adds incredible dimension to the white mushrooms, 100% pork sweet sausage and it's topped off with a perfect dusting of parmigiano reggiano.  Delicious delicious delicious.
During Lent especially we are looking for the best fish to feature for Fridays and you can be assured that the Sauteed Scottish Salmon is of the utmost quality and consistency, and it is from Scotland.  Served over braised seasonal greens, this salmon announces just how much more serious Mozzarella e Vino is compared to its wine bar competition.  Every morel of moistness in this high quality poisson will impress you.  
The only thing this is missing is a kilt and a song with bagpipes.  You have to bring those yourself.
Oven roasted veal brisket is just perfect on a cold day that tells you that April is really February in disguise.  Two large gorgeous medallions elegantly lounge on delightful sauteed spinach and every juicy bite will confirm this is the most brilliant veal we've had so far in 2017.
The best decisions in life to make are the ones that you don't have to make-they are yes to both as an answer!  Some desserts don't get us at all excited but both of these are absolutely tremendous and deserving of your attention.  If we could only have one it would be the chocolate cake, above, which is without a doubt the best chocolate cake we have had in a long time and it arrives with its sidekick of almond pistachio gelato.  Below meet the classic Tiramisu which is altogether the last word in smooth and has superlative consistency and flavor.  Everything is made on premises.  Packed even early in the evening and early in the week, Mozzarella e Vino is a total must.
...and they know after dinner, someone will be attacking the email inbox!
Smashing cappuccino!
Gianfrano and Peachy!  
It was a cold, wet rainy, very long day that burst bright with the flavors of Mozzarella e Vino.
Mozzarella & Vino continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
We love it there!

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