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Friday, April 7, 2017

Peachy Picks Fino Wall Street Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Decadent Mozzarella Milanese

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It's not who you know, it's Whom You Know and we met Fino Wall Street last spring, when they earned an initial feature in Terrific Takeout:
Owner Pietro Vuli was absolutely delightful on that first meeting, so we gave them a chance for Peachy's Picks.  On her second visit, Peachy Deegan began with the Mozzarella Milanese, a classic appetizer.  Mozzarella cheese is lightly breaded in a caper, anchovy and wine sauce which elevates the flavor and texture and makes mozzarella even better, even when you had thought there's no way mozzarella could improve.
For our salad course, we decided to instead try the Broccoli Aglio Olio, and we were impressed by its crisp flavorful quality enhanced simply by garlic and oil, but done so superlatively.  This visit, we worked with Wilson the waiter and Doka the head waiter.  
There is a lot of depth on the menu in the pasta selection of Fino Wall Street.  We're glad to confirm that the Papardelle Fino is an incredibly decadent choice that we'd recommend: wide noodle pasta is embellished with four kinds of mushrooms, garlic, herbs and is brought to the ultimate triumph of taste with the essence of truffles.
Finally, for her entree, Peachy Deegan chose the Fish of the Day: Branzino from Italy.  It is fileted right in front of you and is gorgeous in both the presentation and freshness of flavor.  Fresh cut vegetables come to the festivities and you'll be entirely pleased with this dish.
Our panelist adds:
Enter down a flight of stairs near Wall Street, into a clubby, comfy, luxe atmosphere that boasts enough space between tables to enjoy a conversation, an uncommon find. Fino lends itself as a perfect meeting place.
One of my favorite wines, a Montepulciano d'Abrizzio Feudi Del Duca worked with any and all courses I had, so I enjoyed this cheerful red wine thoughout my meal. 
I began with the Cozza Alla Positana: New Zealand Mussels in broth, herbs and tomato.  A fragrant wonder, this was a lovely appetite igniter found under appetizers.  
With the Insalata Fino afterwards, this would have been a superlative meal. 
A robust salad with endives, pears and stilton cheese that welcomes summer becomes both dessert and salad at once. But there's more to come and it's all delicious. Capellini Frutti Di Mare, Fino's angelhair pasta laced with generous portions of the tenderest scallops, mussels, calamari, clams tiny and light all waltz with style in a wonderful marinara sauce. The flavorful seafood sauce allows the flavor of the seafood to shine through. 
The angelhair is among the finest I've ever tried; it's so light and fresh that it actually lives up to its name. It would help to have a partner to help eat your way through these overloaded portions, and to gush over the wonderful flavors in every mouthful. There's plenty of food ahead as we next savour the snapper.
 The delectable fish comes with a layer of olive, tomato, pepper with an edge of anchovy that lends a briny finish. Served with stringbeans, brocolli ,shaved carrots and scalloped potatoes, the fish dish is made even more perfect knowing that the harbor is not far from where you sit. this most relaxed meal in this sublime relaxed atmosphere is finished with a chaser of Pernod. 
Take your time when you reserve at Fino, and be prepared for a most excellent meal.

Peachy Picks Fino Wall Street!
Fino Wall Street is Recommended by Whom You Know.

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