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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Peachy's Pick Since 2016, Patrizia's of Manhattan Spring 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Elisa-Marie Alaio, daughter and Antonietta Alaio, mother the Alaio family are owners of Patrizia's
Filippo Giusto, Antonietta and Rino Frezza

Best Calzone in Manhattan we've had!

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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we love knowing Antonietta Alaio, who has shown us how Patrizia's shines since the fall of 2015.
Patrizia's was first featured then:
It was so terrific we did an encore takeout:
Patrizia's earned a spot in Peachy's Picks last fall:
Patrizia's is owned by Antonietta and Giacomo Alaio, Lou Maschi, and Dean Christodoulou.
Some places featured in the last two years are just ok and we haven't gone back yet, but Patrizia's is amazingly consistent and delicious and is absolutely not to be ignored.  This is our 4th visit and we began with their brand new salad:
Insalata di Mela.
Granny Smith apples, candied walnuts, cranberries and goat cheese from Wisconsin team up for a knockout combination that will wow your tastebuds and is further highlighted by their cider vinaigrette, a dressing we liked and found entirely refreshing.  
They invest in local produce from Long Island's North Fork and the quality is clear in every bite.

Peachy Deegan's salad of choice this visit was the Arugula Salad, a clear classic star (we did not eat their star/stella pizza this time but you should try that too.)  Tomato, onion, olives and of course arugula are triumphant in shaved parmigiano cheese.  They thoughtfully put the dressing on the side.
Patrizia's is aesthetically motivated; look at how terrific this looks.

The appetizer we chose was from their specials menu: Seafood skewers: shrimp, dover sole, calamari, zucchini and sweet yellow grape tomatoes compose a lovely combination of vegetables and seafood that will ignite your appetite this spring.
We don't know why we never tried a Calzone here before...but it took us far too long to appreciate and recognize how much of a winner it is!  We opted for the cheese calzone and this was the first item completely gone from this review that was delicately devoured by someone you know.  The crust, cheese and sauce are the absolute best we have seen in Manhattan in a Calzone and the flavors and textures marry together perfectly.  
You have to try this.  It insisted on glamour shots; its insistence is of course justified.
Ciao Tomatoes travel to it from California, and Grande Products from Wisconsin create the ricotta and mozzarella.  It is fresh, soft and the best calzone we have had anywhere at all in years.

Antonietta has great taste that extends to elevated wine endeavors and she suggested this completely divine Barolo to sip during our visit.  

Patrizia's excels in their pasta courses.  We opted for the classic Pappardella alla Bolognese which features meat ragu composed of equal thirds of ground pork, veal and beef (organic Omaha) and the dish is elevated by mascarpone, which exudes the ultimate excellence in texture and creaminess.

The carnivorous entree we chose was the 16 oz. Rib Eye, Omaha IBP grass-fed quality.  Whipped brown butter makes this steak even better; it is charcoal-grilled and served with rosemary mashed potato.  This was a convincing steak for an Italian venue as opposed to a steakhouse.  
Lobster Patrizia is a Chef's Special that we believe is always on the menu but it is particularly inviting for the good weather we are now securing in the Northeast of America.  Clams and mussels from Prince Edward Island join lobster from Maine along with sensational oven roasted garlic (we love garlic!) to compose this seafood entree that arrives in a generous portion.

Patrizia's is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
The desserts are decadently dangerous...

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