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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Peachy Deegan's Favorite Manhattan Deli, Pickler & Company Craft Deli Coffee Bar Spring 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know

Founder and Owner, David Lowenstein

The Best Dentist in Manhattan & Official Dentist of Whom You Know: 

30 E. 40th Suite 1001

(212) 683-1960 

Dr. Garo Nazarian is a Mover and Shaker, and was the first featured:

Dr. Nazarian, a graduate of Boston College and Columbia Dental School, opened Cosmopolitan Dental in 2006 and has grown his practice to over 2,000 patients. Peachy Deegan is proud to be the second ever. Cosmopolitan Dental strives to surpass all patients' expectations by catering to your dental needs while providing the utmost professional results. Cosmopolitan Dental has been recognized by America's Top Dentists and has earned both the Patients' choice award and the Doctors' choice award. Dr. Garo Nazarian is a proud member of the New York State Dental Association, New York County Dental Society and the American Dental Association. Cosmopolitan Dental loves to make you smile! 
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and you know that by now, silly.
Pickler and Company has proven to be OUR FAVORITE DELI in all of Manhattan.
The third time's a charm.
Not too many new places have been featured three times in the past year, but David is in it to win it.
First last summer:
And most recently, last fall:
For all hockey enthusiasts reading, including our friend Garo our dentist, you should know that David is from PITTSBURGH and you know what team Sidney Crosby did last night.
We were waiting to publish during the High Holy Time of Stanley Cup Finals.
Pickler has the absolute freshest most authentic delicious sandwiches in all of Manhattan.
Meet Liverwurst!
This is David's favorite.  If you think you don't like liverwurst, you are wrong because you will like PICKLER AND COMPANY liverwurst that is just amazing with brown mustard with a lovely bite.  Sour pickle and red onion lend their talents to this savory party with sour satisfaction that will wow you in one big way.
You will learn that you LOVE LIVERWURST when you go to the right spot.
By the way, Peachy sent one of her best friends to Pickler with her friend without Peachy when David was not there, and they had a terrific experience.  We write on the best and we will check up on you anonymously!
This visit, the smoked salmon was our absolute favorite.  The salmon is sourced from Nova Scotia and is stacked successfully with cream cheese (local Murray's), capers, red onion and cucumber for a smashing combination that will hit the spot.  You pick the bagel it comes on; we picked plain to let the salmon shine the brightest.  We wish it was in front of us right now because looking at the pictures is torture without eating it.
You are going to love the hard boiled local eggs that team up for goals in your stomach with red onion, tomato, fresh black pepper, and thousand island dressing made from scratch.  Peachy does not like dressing and especially this variety in general, but she likes Pickler's version of it.  This is the mark of someone that really knows what they are doing.  It arrives in style on multigrain.
Glamour shot:
A mug for the camera from another angle:
You can create your own salad and they put it together for you.  Perfectly halved cherry tomatoes, parmesan, artichoke, and grilled chicken are ideal in arugula and we reveled in every bite of freshness present here.
David thoughtfully puts the dressing on the side for Ms. Uberpicky.
We are really not enthused about turkey burgers ever as we like beef (we are in love with the creations of Pat LaFrieda) but David is great at everything so we gave it a try.  We still are not in love with turkey burgers personally, but if you like them we have not seen a better one. It is from DiPaola, a local New Jersey turkey farm. Lettuce, tomato, red onion, and ketchup are all dressed up for a night out on the town of your stomach on a sesame seed bun from Balthazar.

We look forward to telling you about what they do next!
After Sidney Crosby gets his job done!

More on the Penguins:

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