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Monday, May 8, 2017

Peachy Picks District Tap House Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Star owners Michael Geddes and Sean Marr of District Tap House, one of our newest favorites!
The amazing Grilled Spare Ribs!

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Peachy Deegan does not like olives.
She likes THESE OLIVES at District Tap House, named after their legendary selection of beer.  However, we'd say the Tap in the name is for the figurative tap dance that your tastebuds will do that would even earn a 10 from Len if they were on Dancing with the Stars.
They may serve beer, but they also serve some of the best cuisine we've seen in Manhattan over many years.  District Tap House was first featured earlier this year after our first visit, for the first time:
It has earned a spot in Peachy's Picks, and is the second restaurant to achieve this in 2017.
It's not who you know, it's Whom You Know and now we know Sean Marr, who hails from Glasgow, Scotland and has been a long-time New Yorker for awhile now following earning a B.A. in Hospitality Management from Napier University in Edinburgh.  Along with Bennett Page, Aiden Stenson, Michael Geddes and Philip Smith, he owns District Tap House which opened in January 2014.  Sean is by far one of the most pleasant, detail-oriented, brilliant, even-keeled restaurant owners we've met who takes genuine pride in his culinary and cocktail endeavors.  We would expect nothing less than that from a fellow Celt and UK and Ireland cities with fine dining, hold onto your hats we are coming for you and there is a formal wait list.
How often do you see a Tap House using microgreens?  Obviously microgreens are among the hottest culinary items on the market, and we love seeing them on our dinner as they add a level of sophistication and polish, not to mention terrific flavor.  Peachy Deegan began with the Grilled Salmon appetizer.  This poisson is accentuated with lovely membrillo glaze and arrives in style with haricot vert (green beans, our favorite!), yellow wax beans and scallions.  It is delicious, nutritious and a perfect starter.  The presentation is gorgeous and District Tap House is Highly Aesthetically motivated; they are the FASHION District of course.
The most amazing starter were the Chicken Dumplings ordered by Peachy's esteemed panelist.  You have to get them or you are hugely depriving yourself in life.
They also have a smashing Eggplant Pizzetta which is on the lighter side in appetizers.  They boast a lovely crunch and the cremini mushrooms are absolutely divine as they waltz in a ricotta cheese and sophisticated sherry gastrique.  Pinkies out while you sip your cider, and can you believe they have, drum roll please, 
We think we do live in Peach County in our head.
But you can REALLY live it at District Tap House.
The peachy cider is just sweet enough to entice your senses without being overly sweet.  It is uber-versatile and can be paired with a variety of courses.  Peachy liked this quite a lot in addition to the Black Hog Coffee Milk Stout Nitro, from the Great State of Connecticut.
There are 50 draft lines, 12 standard, 15 breweries that have different lines and many fluctuate.  Sean shows us how detail-oriented he is when he says the beer in New York is 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit, which is colder than the normal in the UK; across the pond beer is drank at 42-45 degrees Fahrenheit. 
The most beautiful of the culinary runway was the Grilled Tuna!  Highlighted with phenomenal wasabi caviar, yuzu soy, and basil mayonnaise, this is the most flavor we've had in such a petite size this season!  Don't hate it because it's beautiful.  Eat it.
There are four salad options, and the Spinach and Baby Kale Salad is a total winner.  Kashkaval, Hazelnut, Avocado, Red Onion and fried butternut squash team up to form a fantastic variety of flavors, textures, and ultimately, a most unique delicious salad that radiated savory perfectly.  We almost ordered the Harvest Salad again to check for consistency but are also glad to try this wonderful edition.  We've had each once and were so pleased with each.
In the bottom left hand corner of the menu, you'll meet the inviting sides.  We chose the Brussel Sprouts which inventively arrive with granny smith apples, creme fraiche and pistachio; that is triple green to us and you know who's favorite color is green, and even better, the flavors melded together flawlessly.  The Mac and Cheese is a quintessential classic and smoked gouda and fontina will tantalize your tastebuds with toasted bread crumbs added.
We publish at dinner time to torture you the most into making your reservation!  Don't lick the screen, silly.  The pictures are never, ever edited and the food is absolutely as phenomenal as it looks.
The Triumphant Grilled Spare Ribs are an absolute dream and you have to have them.  They are our favorite here.  This is the kind of entree you are going to tear up at having magically disappear from your plate.  Why are these so much better?  Honey, tamarind, and ginger are in perfect proportion to season them to perfection and the yukon gold mash and parmesean is the perfect teammate.  By the way you should know especially during this High Holy Season of Stanley Cup Playoffs, especially with the Rangers still alive, you can see the NHL (we know you are devotedly reading NHL Peachy, thank you!), NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA here in addition to the World Cup and Olympics when they are in season.
Owner Sean Marr and Chef de Cuisine Jesus Aguilar
Finally, do not pass go and collect $200 without trying the ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS chocolate molten cake, the best one we've had in 2017.  
Our esteemed panelist adds:
My first impressions of District Tap House were exactly what I expected, a large bar with a lot of draught beer. I was consequently expecting typical bar food. Was I in for a shock!
My priority in this establishment was to examine the choice of ales and beers, as I am an expert.   I certainly was not disappointed as there are 50 draught beers and ales ranging from IPA’s, Scottish Ale, Brown Ale, Barley Wine, English Stout, Milk Stout, Cider from a host of different countries, including Belgium, Germany, Canada, England, Japan, New Zealand. I was pleased that there were also plenty from NY and others from Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, Colorado, New Jersey, California, Wisconsin, Missouri. They also stock over 100 bottled varieties with so many contrasting origins and types, to suit everyone’s tastes. It is very pleasing to see that local micro-breweries are on offer with very little representation of the large chain beers, which you can get in any other bar in NYC. But this is not “any other bar in NYC” it is special!
After choosing carefully, I decided to stick with the draught beers and firstly sample the “Port City Tartan" which is a 5.5ABV Scottish Ale from Virginia. This was an excellent choice as it was smoother and not so sharp as other Scotch Ales I have previously tried in Scotland! During the evening, I proceeded to sample three others all from NY namely “Industrial Arts State of the Art” a 6.5ABV IPA, “Twin Fork Chromatic”, a 6.6 ABV Pale ale and the oddly named “Radiant Pig Save the Robots”, a 7.0ABV IPA which was just about my favorite as it was extremely smooth and moderately hoppy. I say just about my favorite due to the excellent standard of all my choices. 
The Lamb Meatballs are Michael Geddes's favorite!

When I looked at the food menu, I was surprised and somewhat intrigued at the dishes on offer. My expectation of bar food was quickly dispelled, the choice of dishes is original and fascinating, for example, my first choice was “Lamb Meatballs”. I was extremely impressed with the presentation, it was laid out so meticulously, like a piece of art. This dish consisted of four baby Lamb Meatballs in Smoked Piquillo Sauce with a Soft Cooked Egg Yolk. The lamb literally melted in my mouth and the sauce with the egg yolk was quite simply exquisite. For my notes, I wrote one word – WOW! 
So, after this terrific start I went for the “Chicken Dumplings”, Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Tandoori Marsala Cream, Parsley. This too was quite simply wonderful and incredibly delicious, its lovely soft texture with the beautiful slightly spicy taste of the Tandoori Marsala cream, providing a subtle warming aftertaste. My notes after this was simply – AMAZING!
Next to arrive was the “Grilled Tuna” which was four bitesize squares of tuna, topped with Wasabi Caviar, Yuzu Soy and a touch of Basil Mayonnaise. Having been suitably impressed with the presentation of the previous two dishes, being works of art, this one belongs in an art museum! The taste was also consistent with the previous dishes, succulent, tasty, mouthwatering. I was running out of adjectives and at this stage I could barely contain my excitement. I cannot remember the last time I felt this much enthusiasm about food!
I wondered if they could maintain this consistent standard for my final dish of this amazing menu, which was “Duck Breast” with Potato Disc, Balsamic Orange Glaze and Scallions. I certainly was not disappointed with the presentation or the top-quality standard of the dish, the Duck Breast cooked to perfection and soft, lean, and tender, enhanced by the potato disc and scallions.
In between these dishes I was served with, “Kumato & Watercress Salad” which comprised of, Arugula, Beets, Green Grapes, Marcona Almonds, Manchego and Saba Dressing. Kumato is a brown variety of Tomato which originates in Spain, first time I had tried this and I enjoyed its succulent and tarty taste and it blended nicely with the other components. Yet another example of this establishment’s variety and versatility. 
“Duck Fat Fries”, of course you wouldn’t expect standard fries in this original menu. The duck fat adding extra flavor and depth to these fries. “Mac and Cheese”, Smoked Gouda, Fontina, Toasted Bread Crumbs, again original, instead of cheddar, the Smoked Gouda and Fontina (Italian cow’s milk cheese), giving it a unique enhanced flavor.
In summary to say I was impressed is a total understatement, as you are strolling. around Manhattan’s fashion district you could walk past the District Tap House believing you are just walking past any bar. Please walk in and sit at a table past the bar, you are in for an experience in gastronomical delight of such high quality that is as good (if not better) than any Michelin Star restaurant or 5 Star hotel that I have been in, without the stuffiness, formality and cost. You will be experiencing gourmet cuisine in a relaxed and informal manner, with amazing presentation and taste, accompanied with an extensive choice of ales. This is not any other bar or restaurant in Manhattan it’s unique, original, amazing and very special. I have run out of adjectives and left with just one word. – WOW!  Especially when I tried the creme brulee with blueberries!
Peachy Picks District Tap House.
District Tap House is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Oooh la la.  All that, and chandeliers too.

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