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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, Marcony Summer 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Marco is one of our FAVORITES.
Marco is in it to win it.
Octopus Perfection

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In all the disciplines we review, dinners and movies have always traditionally been reviewed.  And, if we love a movie as much as Dunkirk, we're going to start suggesting where you should eat to go with it.  Because it is highly nautical, Dunkirk is a great movie to see before or after dining at Marcony.  Everyone knows by now that Marco is from Capri in Italy and he personally designed Marcony to make you feel like you are there.  He has the same commitment to authenticity and detail that Christopher Nolan has.
Marcony is the kind of place that we go to on our BIRTHDAY.  Pictures speak louder than words.
Every element of beauty at Marcony is highlighted by its fabulous chandelier.  It has been featured many times in Chandelier Peachy and we will never get tired of it.  It absolutely makes your dining experience even better.
Marcony was last featured at the conclusion of 2016:
It earned a spot in Peachy's Picks in 2011:
Marco says when he met us we only had 40,000 followers; we think he is being generous and it was far fewer in 2011.
We began with a smashing start: Barbietole e Finocchio, roasted sugar beet, crisp shaved fennel, Kalamata olives, Parmigiano Reggiano, crushed pistachios, fresh mint and lemon oil dressing.  The elevated ingredients married well in terms of texture and flavor, and the color was beautiful.  The quality was outstanding.  Marcony raises fine dining to a true art form.  The less-is-more salad dressing was refreshing.
There are many superlative wine selections at Marcony from Italy of course, and we suggest you start with some bubbly at the bar.  Marcony is the kind of place that wine producers in Italy have their most coveted limited labels at; this is evidenced in every sip.  
A truly phenomenal appetizer is the Polpo alla Griglia: Grilled octopus with shaved fennel, arugula, fresh citrus, EVO oil and balsamic reduction.  Twice a week this beautiful baby octopus flies in from Spain from the Mediterranean Sea; for the geographically-challenged Americans like Peachy, you should know that both Capri and the home of the Octopus is the one and same Sea.
Meet pasta perfection: Tortelloni Marcony.
If you venture a mere toenail into Manhattan, you immediately must vamoose yourself to Marcony and order them to celebrate being in the capital of the world.  Words and pictures do not do Tortelloni Marcony justice.  Spinach and cheese filled fresh pasta is further elevated by black and white truffle cream sauce to-die-for.  This is a wonder of the dining world.
Need we say any more? How often do you see us taking pictures of our menu notes?
Peachy Deegan has never and would never accept a bribe in her professional life. However, if you want something from her personally, you should know that Tortelloni Marcony is quite high on her personal bribing list.  
We're not sure this picture adequately captures the legs on this wine, but to us it looks like it probably has such great legs that when it's not in the glass, it's wearing Mover and Shaker Emilio Cavallini.
Obviously it would be criminal to eat 
Tortelloni Marcony without drinking one of Marco's fine wines and you cannot make a bad choice on wine at Marcony because poor wine choices do not exist here.  If you think we're kidding, look at the frequency of their reviews.
A beautiful Branzino was on the menu when we visited, and paired with stringbeans, our favorite vegetable, and citrus sauce, it announced that absolutely it was one of the best fish we'd have this summer.  Less is more and we like simplicity well done.  We also like that it is a whole fish, which is what every fish entree should aspire to.
This is what all sauce should aspire to: authenticity.  Citrus, oranges, lemons and olive oil scream with their pinkie out that less is more.  We wish everyone understood that.
Petto di Pollo Limone - breast of chicken sauteed in egg and parmesean is wonderfully moist and a superior chicken dish.  Lemon and artichoke hearts enhance its beauty as do the tomatoes from Sicily that are fabulously sundried.  Seasonal berries and cream are the perfect finish.
We love Marcony: Marcony continues to be Highly Recommended!

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