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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

READ THIS: Le Marais: A Rare Steakhouse, Well Done by Our Friend Jose Meirelles and Mark Hennessey Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins Le Marais Has Been a Peachy's Pick Since 2012

Make it yours at home too!

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Owner of Le Marais and Author of its namesake cookbook, our friend Jose Meirelles!

It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we are glad to know Jose!
Le Marais has earned a spot in Peachy's Picks Since 2012.
"Le Marais is about the quality of the steaks and the fries and the high level of consistency we deliver with pride," 
says Jose Meirelles.
Le Marais was opened in 1995 on 46th Street in Times Square
and in 2016:
We continue to be impressed and have also visited this year in 2017; we will be writing on that as well however, we were most excited about this cookbook!
Not everyone we review publishes a cookbook!

This gives our 100,000 plus readers around the world a chance to closely replicate the Le Marais experience, though to really live it, you need to go in person.
The cookbook is the next best thing.  Great cuisine has no religion; Peachy and this team happen to be Catholic but all are dedicated carnivores.  If steak eating were a religion we'd go to that church/temple/place of worship.

For the record, there is no other Kosher restaurant that has been featured as many times as Le Marais and you absolutely should visit if this is your religion and diet and even if it is not, you should know this is one of the most competitive steakhouses in all of Manhattan right down to the bearnaise sauce (page 11!  11 is also our favorite number).  This cookbook kicks off with the sauces, which are superlative at Le Marais.

If you actually read all of it, you will see that former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd  (Up with East Haddam!) was impressed here at Le Marais.  Peachy was once an intern on Capital Hill as a resident of Connecticut, she got her picture with him at the time and also Senator Joe Lieberman who wrote the foreword with his wife (if you're reading us you know by now that Connecticut has great taste).  We agree with Chris; this is a phenomenal restaurant right down to the wine list.  Chris is now a movie critic also-we wonder how he liked Dunkirk.

 This book is well-written, well-organized and has fantastic pictures.  The instructions are clear whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a professional; if you can read, you can cook via this tool!  Be certain to buy some of the ingredients before you start reading it or you will find reading the recipes torture without eating the great ideas straightaway!

Just so you don't ask where's the beef, the beef section starts at 105 and for us, that is the highlight.
Bravo Jose and Mark we look forward to seeing you again soon.

“Where else would a non-Jewish Portuguese immigrant open a French bistro, hire an Irish-Italian Catholic as its executive chef, and create one of the finest and most successful kosher restaurants in the United States?” 

As Hadassah and Joe Lieberman put it in their foreword to the Le Marais cookbook, this is “a classic New York story.”

Get to know the personalities behind the Le Marais experience while learning how to create its incredible delicacies at home. In sections covering sauces; soups; salads; bread, pasta, and risotto; beef; classics; lamb; veal; poultry; fish; sides; and desserts, this beautifully illustrated cookbook gives you the techniques and recipes you’ll need to bring French gourmet into the kosher kitchen (or any kitchen).

Hip and irreverent, the Le Marais cookbook is your entrée to the world of French cuisine that just happens to be fully kosher. Braised duck legs with white pearl onions and petite pois, anyone?

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