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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, Ammos Summer 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Owner of Ammos, Dimitris Nakos and his beautiful flowers for the season that he personally put together lining the windows
From the Spanakopita to the Fagri, Ammos is in it to win it this summer!
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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Dimitris, owner of Ammos located just steps away from Grand Central.  
Aesthetically-motivated from the beautiful garden he personally crafted out front to beautify the entrance and the sidewalks of Manhattan to the creme de la creme of fish that awaits you flown in from the Mediterranean, Ammos is one of the best reviews we've done this summer and we found it so highly competitive this time around, we certainly can't wait to see what they do for fall 2017 when they next change their menu.
Ammos was last featured way too long ago, 2011:
In 2011, Ammos was one of the dozen venues that launched The Peachy Deegan cocktail:
Right now, the Peachy is not available and Peachy and Charles will relaunch it someday.
You absolutely should start with the Pikilia dips served with Pita.  They are amazing and the right way to get the tastebud party started.
Peachy Deegan is wildly obsessed with Tzatziki and that joins melitzanosalata, htipiti, Greek Hummus and Skordalia, which we liked second best-an almond garlic mousse.   They each have smooth texture that you won't be able to get enough of. Ammos opened in 2006 and in October 2009, Dimitris Nakos became the sole owner.  He began in the restaurant business at age 15 and a half in Greece; Dimitris was born and raised in Athens and moved to New York City in November 1997.  If dinner was the Olympics, Ammos would medal with this performance.  Ammos means sand on a beach and the design of the long windows brings the outdoors inside during Manhattan's best weather.  Their goal of a "sandy" look was gorgeously achieved.
Some other salads we've had this summer are cowering in a corner when they see this wonder.  You must order the Frouta on a lovely hot day.  Organic produce from local Pennsylvania farms compose this bastion of nutrition and they even put the black sesame dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky.  Watermelon, berries, seasonal fruits, vine tomatoes, arugula and barrel-aged feta announce: it is summer on your palate.
We never, ever edit pictures. 
That would be unethical; you are either great or you are not.
Ammos is great.
Every Greek restaurant owner knows that Peachy Deegan is in love with Spinach Pie.  
Spanakopita at Ammos is splendidly superlative from the quality spinach to the mint evoo from Greece.  They team up with barrel-aged feta and tomato sauce to give a comfort dish the proper pinky-out sophistication.  Every bite was supremely divine and we reveled in the glory of this Spanakopita.  
Meet Garides Kataifi!  It is innovative, delicious shrimp.  Tiger shrimp is braised for 48 hours and wrapped in kataifi phyllo dough (has an effect similar to angels hair), served with luxurious beurre blanc sauce.  It's crunchy and texturized outside and the shrimp is terrifically flavorful inside.
Greek graviera cheese enhances the grilled jumbo asparagus side that is not to be ignored.  The hearty asparagus were just amazing in freshness and flavor and well grilled, not too much and not too little for Goldilocks Peachy, who always wants everything just right..
The entrees should most definitely be the star of the show always, and they were at Ammos.  Fagri from the Mesogios Sea (inbetween Greece and Turkey) is one of the best fish we've had this summer if not the best fish.
Majestic, flavorful and substantial, the Fagri dominated the plate and the dinner and was our absolute most favorite part, although you should know that the wine list is also quite strong.  If you want a nice fish dinner, this is where you should be going.  We found Fagri to be more towards swordfish in terms of quality of fish being substantial like a steak, however, we found Fagri to be more refined and sophisticated, yielding an exquisite flavor.  Every bite of this delicacy was pure bliss if you are a pescatarian and Ms. CLP we are talking to you.
For someone that does not think she is a fan of lamb, Peachy did like the Arni Yiouvetsi: traditionally slowly cooked lamb shank in a homemade tomato sauce  over Greek orzo casserole.  The lamb is sourced from Queensland, Australia and Ms. Pretty Picky does admit that though she does not like lamb, she does like Australian lamb.  This is perfect for a rainy day when you want something bright and warm in your stomach.
A traditional dessert of Yiaourti Krema is going to wow you tremendously with its creaminess.  Chilled Greek Yogurt flan is served with honey and sour cherries.  But if you are super American like someone we know and just really want apple pie a la mode all the time, you should know that you need to remember the word Milopita at Ammos
Milopita is Apple Tart mixed with melted halva mousse and drizzed with halva crumbs; when we went it was served with fig ice cream.  Do not miss their signature cocktails in closing!  They are a surefire way to cool off successfully.
Ammos continues to be Highly Recommended!
We look forward to seeing what they do next.

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