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Friday, September 15, 2017

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Le Marais by Jose Meirelles Summer 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

From the Salade Nicoise au Thon Frais to the Tournedos "Le Marais", Jose and his team have impressed us immensely for five consecutive years and are still going strong, especially with their cookbook!

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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we are glad to know Jose!
Le Marais has earned a spot in Peachy's Picks Since 2012.
We have reviewed restaurants since 2009, and have seen many come and go since we began.  Sometimes we write on a brand once and that should tell you something, sometimes we never write on a brand for reasons we don't share in print on this website, and sometimes we absolutely love you and can't wait to see you again; Jose and Le Marais are in this last group.
"Le Marais is about the quality of the steaks and the fries and the high level of consistency we deliver with pride," 
says Jose Meirelles.
Le Marais was opened in 1995 on 46th Street in Times Square.
We were reminded in 2014 just how phenomenal they are:
also in 2015:
and in 2016:
Recently, we enthusiastically applauded their cookbook:
We loved Le Marais independently for five years, but we REALLY LOVE them now that we know our Senators Dodd and Lieberman also love it here...everyone knows Peachy is from the great state of Connecticut.
We do not care what your religion is; we only care how great your cuisine is.  Le Marais happens to be Kosher.  We love the classics and we began with a Classic Smoked Salmon under the Amuse-Gueule section.  We love the French on the menu.  Le Marais is passionate about going the extra mile to perfection, and this salmon is smoked in-house.  It's Norwegian, and imported year-round.  We always look forward to this opener!
How many times have you seen us feature Quinoa?  Almost never, and this might be the first time we've ever published on it.  Peachy Deegan is very meat and potatoes and guess what her starch of preference is.  Yes, often potatoes, but more accurately, probably all of them.  This is the best quinoa we've ever been introduced to.  We've tried it other places and have not published on them.  Le Marais's quinoa is superior in credit to its gorgeous texture and pairing with arugula and smashing citrus vinaigrette.  The halved yellow tomatoes are winners.  This new menu item debuted at Le Marais in January 2017.  Also, it has carrots which make everything better for bunny-lovers like Peachy.
Yes, what the best do to be even better is to come up with new menu items to impress the world and make your stomach applaud.  Next, Chili Marocaine graced our palate and is also a new menu item.  If you think you are not crazy about chili, think again!  Especially when it is paired with an avocado mousse.  For someone that does not care for lamb, Peachy simply adored this spicy lamb chili.  It is American lamb, ground on premises at Le Marais.  We love that Jose is super-detail-oriented.  Also chick peas come to the chili party.  This lamb is fragrant and lighter which makes it even more fantastic for this warm weather.
Do we grade you on your bread basket?
But, if you are awesome and we love your bread too, it is kind of like the equivalent of Peachy's red pen going A++++++.  
Other salads are cowering in a corner when they see the above picture.
They should.
We never, ever edit pictures.  You either have cuisine that looks this great, or you do not.
We have used the same model of Cannon Camera since 2009 on all of the food pictures, and Peachy always takes the pictures, eats, and writes.  The only variable is the restaurant owner and their venue.
We publish the truth.
The truth is that this is one of the best salads in Manhattan, period.  The usual suspects in the salad, all respectively fresh, are joined by perfectly medium rare fresh yellow fin tuna that is absolutely the epitome of bright, exuberant and delicious.
Order this!
The fish entree we selected was the terrifically fresh satisfying Flounder.  It embodies less is more with its lovely flour egg wash, and Israeli couscous.  Every bite of the perfectly breaded le poisson is a superb song of summer any time of year.  Cucumber and red pepper are expertly diced on top with green onion also.
La Grillade is perhaps the most phenomenal section of the menu, because after all this is a steakhouse.  And may we add, these smaller one-of-a-kind steakhouses are better than any big name any day.  Guests are not only treated to excellent cuisine at Le Marais, but it is an exquisite individual experience where you are cared for personally and not treated as if you are a number at a factory.  We chose the absolutely amazing Tournedos "Le Marais" the centerpiece of the ribeye.  The bernaise is made with margarine because this is Kosher.  You will not miss the butter and Ms. I am Pretty Picky and Mostly only Eat Kerrygold does in fact love the sauce here too.
Obviously, this should be your dinner.
Haricots Verts are a wonderful side dish that add color and nutrition to your meal. 
If you like chocolate and peanut butter together, you will love the Peanut Butter Chocolate Dome, which is crafted with Calibut chocolate.  If you are a Peachy Deegan, you like fruit and these fresh seasonal berries with lime sugar were among the very best we've had this season.
We love Le Marais and of course will continue to keep you in the loop of their newest achievements!  Le Marais continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

More on their new cookbook:

“Where else would a non-Jewish Portuguese immigrant open a French bistro, hire an Irish-Italian Catholic as its executive chef, and create one of the finest and most successful kosher restaurants in the United States?” 

As Hadassah and Joe Lieberman put it in their foreword to the Le Marais cookbook, this is “a classic New York story.”

Get to know the personalities behind the Le Marais experience while learning how to create its incredible delicacies at home. In sections covering sauces; soups; salads; bread, pasta, and risotto; beef; classics; lamb; veal; poultry; fish; sides; and desserts, this beautifully illustrated cookbook gives you the techniques and recipes you’ll need to bring French gourmet into the kosher kitchen (or any kitchen).

Hip and irreverent, the Le Marais cookbook is your entrée to the world of French cuisine that just happens to be fully kosher. Braised duck legs with white pearl onions and petite pois, anyone?

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