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Sunday, September 17, 2017

DAYLIGHT: Old Town Bar and Restaurant by Bobby, Gerard, Matt, Claire, and Denise Meagher Since 1892 Celebrates 125 Years in Manhattan September 17, 2017

"Old Town is a piece of Old New York that remains consistent to this day as a classic tavern of a bygone era. What distinguishes us is that my family has been a New York family for about 200 years so we are a remnant of Old New York as well. Old New York is character, style, and value in the sense that we pride ourselves to be appealing to the working man as well as the well-to-do. Old Town is a stunning beauty."
-Gerard Meagher

You may have walked by Old Town many times, but do you realize it is 125 years old this year!?!!!

We are honored to have been included in the private celebration of this glorious venue that has touched the lives of so many for so long, thank you Gerard. The Meagher family has been proud owners for decades: Bobby, Gerard, Matt, Claire, Tommy (deceased) and Denise, brothers and sisters. Their father Larry had been at the helm earlier. 

Old Town's Anniversary was celebrated on Whom You Know earlier this year:
Matt and Gerard Meagher
Claire and Gerard Meagher

Matt, Colleen and Jackie Meagher

...and there was even a Jesuit there who was an Athletic Chaplin for many years at Fordham. Avid readers know that Gerard went to Fordham.
We continue to be fabulously impressed by Gerard and Old Town.
Old Town Bar and Restaurant was first featured in its initial review in 2014:
and it graduated to Peachy's Picks in 2015:
Old Town was featured in 2016:

and Gerard Meagher was named a Top Irish Person to Know:
Old Town Bar and Restaurant continues to be Recommended by Whom You Know.

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